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Can you do the Guaca-MOLA? #AsmatCollection

Do you know about this incredible, detailed and colotful artform - The Mola?

We love it and know that you will, too. AsmatColleciton on Addoway has one of the most extensive arrays of Molas in the World! Warning, they are can't just get one!

Here is some of the history from Dominique Rice, aka AsmatCollection on this amazing artform:

Molas are wonderful traditional folk art hand stitched fabric panels that the Kuna women, from Indian tribes living in the remote San Blas islands off the coast of Panama, wear on the front and back of their blouses. They are masterpieces of time consuming intricate textile art, each created by an artistic accomplished seamstress with imagination, technique, originality and talent and each is unique: they are delicately and minutely hand sewn recreating either an abstract geometric motif reminiscent of body tattoos from their past, the brain coral that surrounds the islands, or inspired by kuna history, religion, shamanism or daily life and by what surrounds the makers such as nature, birds, animals, etc… and they are highly collectable in the world or textiles and visual arts. We sell them to museums and collectors all over the world.

Each of our molas was removed from a blouse after we purchased it and is an original authentic fabric panel.

The most authentic, original, the purest and truest of all molas ever created were the geometrics ones and a must for any serious collection, harder and harder to locate today because most were created from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, they are abstract masterpieces of handsewn applique. We pride ourselves in collecting direct, from village to village of the San Blas Islands, only the most outstanding, detailed, handmade and colorful panels we can find and the most traditional and oldest ones as well which are getting harder and harder to find.

We collect our molas one by one, in the field, to insure that we get the best work, rendition, originality, art and authenticity, with the best color combinations available in each island. My site was just hacked by someone that took over my listings and replaced them by his own, as a result, my entire inventory was compromised and it will take months to relist what I have lost after finding out what it was in the first place, so if you do not see a mola you were watching, let us know so we can post it again right away. I cannot afford the time to rewrite my texts in full so if you have any questions or want to get our research on molas before purchasing, let us know.

Kunas create motifs on panels, in reverse applique and applique, with fabrics of different colors, panels that they will later wear with a great deal of pride as imagination, taste, technique and color combining abilities affects each creation, which is often enhanced by minute and perfectly rendered embroideries, the finished product earning respect and status for the maker. Creating a detailed mola, on average, takes 1 month but it can take longer according to the intensity of the motifs, the difficulty of the pattern, the detail involved, and the proximity of the stitches. We only buy the best work that can be found on the premises and remove the molas ourselves from the blouses.

One cannot but admire the intense detail of the motifs and the richness of colors and embroideries of this unique disappearing art. Some very demanding molas workwise made by the best of experts show perfectly rendered backgrounds such as these:

1) Labyrinth background inspired by brain coral.

2) Tiny triangles lined with different color fabrics.

3) Crosses like multiplication signs.

4) Saw teeth lines

For this and many other Fascinating Molas, Intriguing Art and Antiquities from around the world, go to AsmatCollection's Store now!

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