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Ancient Fossils May Be Found On The Moon - The Inquisitr

Posted in: Space

The surface of the moon may be littered with fossils from ancient Earth, scientists say, and new research is shedding light on the astonishing way that they arrived there.

While it may seem like a surprising idea that fossils could travel between planetary bodies, experiments conducted by physicists at the University of Kent are proving that fossilized diatoms can survive the trip, according to Popular Science. Their findings suggest that meteorites are capable of transporting fossils between worlds, at least when impacts occur at certain speeds.

As io9 relates, the journey from the Earth to the Moon would be a hazardous one for fossilized microorganisms, involving two “shock events.” The first would consist of an impact strong enough to throw high-speed ejecta containing fossils into the air, which would then escape into space. As they reach another planetary body, like the Moon, there would be another shock event as the fossil-laden meteorites impact the surface at speeds as high as 3 kilometers per second.


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