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An Engineer Is Attempting To End Plastic Bottle Pollution Using Spherification, The Solution Will Amaze You ~ The Inquisitr

The world is facing an acute problem of plastic pollution, and the biggest contributor to the growing menace is plastic bottles used to pack and sell packaged drinking water. Design student Rodrigo García González, who has already made a name for himself by inventing a smart suitcase that follows its owner, has done it again with a water container that doesn’t pose a threat to the environment once its contents are consumed.

Rodrigo has come up with a simple technique; make the container edible. He has designed or rather improved upon a technique to encase liquid in a membrane that can be consumed once the water is drunk. In case you are paranoid about eating containers, the membrane is completely biodegradable and can be simply discarded into the wild and it will dissolve a whole lot faster than the plastic bottle. ...more

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