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America's 5 Most Hated Taxes - The Motley Fool

By Sean Williams 

Halloween has come and gone, but I'd bet that I can scare the heebie-jeebies out of a vast majority of you by uttering one word.

Up to the challenge? Think you can handle it? Because here it comes ...


OK, fright may not be so much the word as anger, frustration, or the sudden urge to pull your hair out mixed with an overwhelming need to scream profusely at the governmental agency that's taxing you.

Taxes are what we might refer to as a necessary evil. Taxes help fund many branches of our government, which in turn provide for federal jobs, health and financial security for retirees in the form of Social Security and Medicare, and social funding for schools, prisons, clinical research projects, our national defense, and a vast number of other social projects.......

The fifth most hated tax: State income tax (7%)
Last year, according to the National Association of State Budget Officers, the 50 states plus the District of Colombia spent upwards of 1 trillion tax dollars. For many states, financing these expenditures, which have been shown to mostly go toward funding education and health care programs such as Medicaid, means implementing a state income tax.....

The fourth most hated tax: Social Security (10%).....
The third most hated tax: State sales tax (17%).....
The second most hated tax: Federal income tax (20%).....more

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