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Addoway on Pinterest Today and a Few Stats from a Webinar

As we were looking at our Addoway Storefront, an Ad in need of updating jumped out at us! The image was not showing, so we got new ones and loved the fun items people are pinning from Addoway! But we quickly realized that time does not stand still and that the data in that post is outdated. It references an article that says each pin is worth #.78, and gives you more exposure than Twitter or Facebook.

As similar figures (listed below this image) have changed dramatically, so, too has the number and quality of pins from Addoway! Just look at this screen shot series from today:

Great job all you Pinners!! The recent Tailwind Webinar on using Pinterest for Business cited that:

~ 1/3 of the people on Pinterest are Millennia
~ 55% are Women 18-55
~ the number of Men on Pinterest doubled in 2014
~ More Revenue is generated from Pinning, with the following averages noted:
   - Twitter $69
   - Facebook $80
   - Pinterest $179 (more than both Twitter and FB combined!)

The detailed notes will be on their blog soon, and there are others there now that you may wish to peruse. While this is a rather simplistic thought, it does point out why Pinterest has become such an important part of social marketing in such a short time.

~ Facebook is about Who am I?
~ Twitter is about Where am I?
~ Pinterest is about Who I want to be!

So perhaps we will have to change our thinking and pinning habits, as we prefer to use Pinterest for personal therapy, stress reduction, showcasing our friends.  What will you do?

Happy Pinning however you choose to use that site!

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