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A look Back and Into the Future - On Addoway from's Mitchell York


Well, this is fun, an old interview and write up on Addoway and Founder Fred Nijm! We love Addoway and so want to help it get back to its strong and rightful place in the marketplace. Maybe this will help all of us see what we can do to make that happen and soon!

Addoway Seeks to Create Trust-Based Online Shopping Experience

Leveraging Facebook to Help Buyers Find Reliable Sellers
By Mitchell York

Why would anyone want to create yet another shopping site on the web? For Fredrick Nijm, 31-year-old founder of, the answer is what it is for many (most? all?) entrepreneurs: "We started it to change the world."

Addoway, founded in 2010, is working on leveraging Facebook's "social graph," the application that developers use to tie into Facebook members' profiles and buying patterns. Nijm describes the company this way: "Addoway is an online marketplace that helps you buy with your friends and merchants you can trust. Our mission is to guide you to the most trustworthy shopping experience imaginable. Through our complete integration with Facebook's Social Graph, we recommend merchants your friends have purchased from in the past and merchants that your friends know personally. And by accessing a seller's reputation, credibility and influence scores, we offer an inside look into the seller before you buy. Making this information readily available, we are able to reduce the anxieties associated with marketplace shopping and allow you to make more confident buying decisions."

The competition Addoway faces is daunting. Among others, tt competes with eBay on fashion, electronics and other commodity items and Etsy on crafts and handmade goods.

He says his biggest mistakes have been:

  1. Not shipping: "Taking too long to come out with a feature, because we wanted it to be as perfect as possible. The problem is that it will never be perfect and you will always be adjusting and pivoting all of the time. Get it out there and see what people think."
  2. It gets worse: "We didn't realize that there were going to be more bad days ahead of us than good days. You have to be beyond strong to run your own business. You have to be dedicated, passionate, resilient, and take criticism with a grain of salt. Some feedback needs to be taken and others ignored, but which is which?"
  3. PR doesn't make everything okay: "Thinking we had to get featured in TechCrunch orMashable to have a chance. Well, we got featured and we realized it's just a small piece of the overall pie. A very small piece." .....

And his best decisions:

  1. Define a niche: "Sticking to our core focus on making Addoway all about trustworthy shopping. Everyone constantly told us to go after a niche market like collectibles because it's easier to grow that way, but we decided to follow our gut and go with it -- and it's working." more

OK, so what can we on Addoway do to help get all of us back on a higher Sales Track?

UPC or MPN Codes on listings -- Done that, still not working
Good Photos --- Done, not working
Accurate, Succinct Descriptions - Yep, not working
Good Customer Service, Feedback - Uh Huh, not helping
Social Media - well Twitter, not on FB, but get lots of help from an array of 'friends' there
Blogging - some, and love, but is a labor of love with little return if any on the investment...well at least as far as Addoway sales go. (It absolutely helps our sales on other sites, as Google points people to the stronger sites...our opinion only.)

We took a decent webinar last week on SEO/Search Engine Optimization, Cassini (eBay's search engine...whose by the way Lead Manager quit recently going for greener, probably better fields...), briefly hit on Amazon's Search Engine and the Google/eBay Spat/Family Feud. Why are these important to Addoway?  Well, the tips we will list in a minute about filling in EVERY trait asked for will help your Addoway listings in Google's new Algorithm...and the truth is that the eBay/Google spat impacts all marketplaces. Google claimed that some of ebay's feeds were spam (as they are;o)...and so held spreading them up for ransom (my sister's opinion/words) so that ebay would have to part with some money to oil the pathways to all the Google Spiders to do their work/spread the data.

Almost all eBay sellers had a sudden and significant drop in traffic and sales because of the e-G disagreement...officially sales overall were off about 30%, but for some they were 70-90% down. 

Think of Addoway as a Tributary to the larger sites, as eBay and Amazon. When the main waterways go dry, so, too do the smaller markets. Amazon, as you know, has its own tools to help drive traffic and it is less dependent on/less easily perhaps held hostage by Google.  The good news is that the water is seeping back into the main avenues, so apparently some differences have been resolved.

Here are some notes from the webinar given by You may sign up for her webinars, too, on her site. Please note that you know what works best for you, so please just use her and others' ideas/tips when you think it may enhance your marketing efforts.

Her main points:
~ 3 Pillars of Google: Organize, Accessible, Useful
~ Avoid 'Bump' sites as Google will penalize you in search results.
~ Don't Key Word Dump -- loading key words at beginning of listing
~ Don't use/repeat title in your description
~ Don't use NWT or OOAK as they are only familiar to ebay, etc sites.
~ Gallery picture is most important
~ 1st 40-50 characters are main ones read by search engines (all, ebay, google, bing, etc.)
~ The Cassini/eBay search will count Defect Rate against all sellers a LOT on Aug 20. Trust, Value and Relevance (to what buyer puts in search block) are key to your stuff showing up. One good thing is that no one will ever again be #1 100% of the time in searches;o) Cassini reads the titles and the pictures (so name them better) and rarely the description
~ Don't show all inventory on ebay as Cassini counts sold to unsold ratio in searches
~ Don't go back and change everything..just use her tips on listings going forward.
~ Fill in EVERY Traits option eBay offers/has a drop down menu for, as Google and Cassini love all those facts. Unknown is to be entered if you do not know or have a trait that they want.
~ Strip out all Payment, Shipping, Policy statements in the description - have those in the places eBay has above the description. Some sellers have policy boxes, all will soon (like Condition, Color) etc. Also strip out most templates/graphics, no videos, YouTube or gif animated art.
~ Don't use bullet points, rather short sentences, all lined up (another course said everything left justified, not centered.) Amazon, of course, requires bullet points at the beginning of their listings;o)
~ Don't use paid Buying links - (but we think they do help--like @JDsGiftShack, the Gypsies @JuanitaMart47, @MelangeTulsa, etc. who tweet and post on pinterest, FB, etc. for a small fee.) She also said that tweeting or socially promoting listings gets you a larger number of hits, but that those usually just glance and leave. Google and eBay like views that spend more time looking at your listing. (We strongly disagree with her on this point, as know it helps our sales when we do use these services, and most helpful of all is our tweeting others' show that we are beyond our niche in connectivity. In addition, the number of hits/views attracts the spiders...several of whom latched onto our Bonanza NeillsDeals site for weeks, with 100,000-140,000 views a week. That lights the tunnels for others to better find you and your gets people on the bandwagon....our opinion.)
~ When using Pinterest, use the introductory sentence in the description, not just the title.
~ Invest in on eBay or learn (the not easy) free Or enter some key words on the eBay search and the most used search words will be first on the help you craft your title as effectively as possible.
~ Do not use Instagram to promote your things, as links in posts will NOT help in SEO.
Hummingbird is the Google Algorithm - It is precise and fast, comprised of over 200 algorithms, which are ALWAYS CHANGING! --- So we must adapt and change, too!!!


Please feel free to add your ideas on what works, does not, and especially as it applies to Addoway!

Thank you!                  

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Gale | July 10th 2014 at 1404997994

SEO? Please provide us with a much better extensive comprehension using SEO specifically on Addoway in order to gain Google Shopping Results.

Using and filling in EVERY trait asked for will help your Addoway listings in Google's new Algorithm really isn't accurate. There seems to be some misinformed or rather misconceptions regarding this (for Addoway ONLY).

Here's an accurate true example (with Etsy) where they actually provide members an illustrated explanation to understand (see)

and so, does/will Addoway have the SAME for merchants to understand please?
Thank you
NeillsDeals | July 10th 2014 at 1405001897

Hello, Gale,

Thank you for writing and sharing what helps sellers on Etsy. These were notes from a well-attended seminar from a popular presenter, and we were trying to share her ideas to help all of us be more pro-active on Addoway...especially if our sales are not as brisk as we would like. Her comments were mainly about eBay and how Google's search engine, as well as eBay's Cassini search engine works. They were not specific to Addoway, but the general rules regarding Google's algorithms should apply no matter which site you are on....which includes Addoway.

We are unsure specifically what Addoway recommends other than on messages that they have sent us, repeatedly reminding us that Google likes UPC and MPN codes (which may not be available for hand or custom made items as are on Etsy.) We do know that Google likes facts, they like to know that you are alive and on the internet actively.

We have forwarded your request to Management to see if they can answer your questions better than we can. Thank you.
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Gale | July 10th 2014 at 1405041703 - in reply to NeillsDeals

Thank you for that information thou it does not seem to serve Addoway properly even thou that information pertains to focus directly with eBay.

Addoway is not eBay nor is Etsy but the SEO illustrations that Etsy provides for members is at least one step forward to understand what sellers must do to get those ads launched with Google.

Used items (as seen on Addoway) do not have a MPN code unless it is current or upc new.

I do appreciate seeing what is already known within your blog designed by someone else but it is not accurate in the sense that it leaves Addoway "out the door" per say.

I guess what we need to know is:

does Addoway "automatically" feed ALL seller ads to Google or is this something totally different requiring a "pay to play" option?

Where on earth are these Addoway folks or Support? It leaves members helpless creating blogs that either do not make sense or are outdated or inaccurate without a clue as to what is or is not factual.

Thank you for your time.
NeillsDeals | July 10th 2014 at 1405043474

Thank you, Gale, but the information is regarding Google more than anything else and its algorithms for searches..which directly impact Addoway. Not all items are used on Addoway, and some do have MPN or UPC numbers. In the emails that we have received from Addoway, it has said (as we sell new stuff) that UPC codes and/or MPN numbers are strongly advised, as Google can daily pick them up and crank into their algorithms for those searching for those products.

You may look at your seller settings under you My Addoway, and the last tab is about Google feeds: Here is what it says on ours just for your quick reference:

Google requires unique product identifiers (UPI) for most product categories. On Addoway, these identifers are located in the "Category Specific Details" of the item listing, and may be set by editing the a listing from the My Ads page.
Google's new UPI requirements are as follows:

Books require ISBN
Media (Movies, Music, Video Games etc.) require UPC
Collectibles, Antiques, Vintage, Crafts and Custom made goods don't have any requirements
Apparel (Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry & Accessories) requires Brand
Items in any other category not mentioned above require at least 2 out of 3 of the following: Brand, UPC or MPN
What if I don't know or can't find UPIs for my items?
If you are unable to find the UPI data for any of your items, you may request exemption by filling out the exemption form at:

What if I don't fill in UPI information in my Addoway listings?
Please be advised that if UPI data is available for your items and you have not entered this information in your Addoway listings, Google will most likely deactivate your feed and/or deny your exemption claim.

I sell custom-made items that don't have UPIs. What do I do then?
Categories not currently requiring a UPI are Collectibles, Vintage, Antiques, one-of-a-kind and/or custom made goods. If your items fall into one of these categories, then you don't need to change anything. Although, in this case Google may still require you file for exemption.

For more information, please visit the Google Merchant Center Help page here:

Best wishes to you on all your sites, Gale! Thank you again for sharing things that help (or don't help;o) you. There have been other posts by other Addoway members, mainly the Ambassadors that have been helpful to us, as they seems to have lots of sales here. So contacting them may be helpful.

Here are our favorites from an earlier response we made to another Addoway member on another post we made:

Yes, there are so many super people on Addoway! Two of our favorite Addoway Ambassadors are TurkishMarket-USA and Montrose !

Another with strong sales is Walter W/Market Man Online

Again Good Luck on all fronts!
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Gale | July 10th 2014 at 1405058820

Thank you for posting that information including your internal url links. The vintage and used collectibles with no codes is what caught my interest within this blog.

I'm not sure how things operate at Addoway mainly because each site has their own way of doing things especially where Google is concerned these days.

I recently read somewhere (cannot recall where at the moment) that Google is about to pull yet another awkward turn making sellers flip backwards before 2015 arrives requiring all sellers to provide licensing information by way of site providers. I'll have to find that article and if I do will be happy to return with a link for others to read.

I am wondering if Addoway is thinking to "merge" with another site? Who knows. It could just be daily gossip within all these different blog discussion sites.

I only sell at Hughes Estate Auctions ( and buy on Etsy and eBay, thou, I'm thinking of expanding my horizons in 2015 with an additional selling site.

It sounds like Addoway has enough potential if they have their own Ambassadors? If so, then I must admit its so refreshing to see a community embracing one another especially now that people have choices to frequent.

It was a pleasure revisiting your current blog this evening. Thanks again.
NeillsDeals | July 11th 2014 at 1405115746

Thank you, Gale, that would be great if you find other ideas to help us all. Thank you for taking time out to post all you insights and comments, too! Good luck to you and Hughes Estate Auctions (!

Just a note, the sites all have to conform more to Google, than vice that is why we posted the generic info on SEO for Google. Thanks!

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