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31 Saved! Beautiful Horses/Virginia Range Mustangs in Nevada - Updates

Whew! All were saved! Please see update at bottom of this post. Thank you! 


We have breaking news to share with you. We're getting closer to rescuing all 31 Virginia Range horses who are awaiting their fate at the Carson City Prison. (See photo to the right of one of several bands at the prison.) As our coalition works tirelessly to find homes for the last 10 horses, we need your help to raise the money needed to pay the horses' bail and help with transport costs.  

If we don't rescue these horses they will be sent to the slaughter auction.

Last week we told you about Bond (the stallion pictured below), his family and the other Virginia Range mustangs needing help -- they have found their forever homes! Now we are focused on placing the remaining 10 horses (three, small family bands) ... some out-of-state rescue groups have offered to take some of the horses but they need us to purchase and deliver them.

In order to save these beautiful mustangs, we must raise the funds necessary to bail them out of the prison and transport them to their forever homes. Will you help?

These wild horse families were captured and removed from their homes on the range last month by the Nevada Department of Agriculture. Under the auspices of our parent organization, Return to Freedom, we have a cooperative agreement that allows us to purchase captured Virginia Range mustangs directly from the NDA to prevent them from being shipped to the slaughter auction.  ....more here

We just donated to help rescue and place the last 10 of the 31 beautiful Virginia Range mustangs to prevent them from being sent to the slaughter auction.  Please join us in supporting this worthy effort. 


Dear Neill,

We have some wonderful news to share with you regarding the fate of 31 Virginia Range mustangs who were captured by the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) and are currently being held at the Carson City Prison. All 31 wild horses have found homes and have been saved from the slaughter auction! And the best news of all -- the families will be placed together!

  • Bond and his family are being adopted by the Reno-based Virginia Range Wild Horse Sanctuary. 
  • The "Fernley 10" will have a wonderful life with 650 other rescued wild mustangs at the Mustang Monument Eco Resort and Preserve near Elko, Nevada. 
  • The "Lockwood 7" are going to the mountains of eastern Tennessee to the Treadway Equine Animal Rescue Sanctuary (TEARS). 
  • The "Stagecoach 6" are headed back to Stagecoach to the Starlight Sanctuary.  
  • The "Dayton 3" - including a beautiful blue-eyed, buckskin foal - are being adopted by Steadfast Steeds in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We want you to know that your contribution has helped to make this rescue possible!

Just yesterday, I was able to write a check to pay the bail to get these horses out of prison - thanks to you and other generous AWHPC supporters who contributed the funds necessary to purchase the horses and help with transportation to their new lives. 

We are deeply grateful to the individuals and rescues who have stepped up to take in these horses, and especially to you for being part of this wonderful community effort to save them. When we pull together, miracles can happen! 

At the same time, your generosity has given us the resources to support local efforts to continue range projects that mitigate horse/human conflicts, improve public safety and prevent the capture of more horses by the NDA. With your support, we are providing resources to local partners to build fencing and replace gates (such as the one pictured below) to keep Virginia Range horses out of harm's way.

Photos by Corenna Vance

Decades ago, the ancestors of today's Virginia Range horses inspired Velma Johnston, aka Wild Horse Annie, to launch a national campaign to save America's remaining mustangs and burros. Today, the fight continues. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the resources to carry on this important work and to save these amazing horses.

We will keep you updated.


Suzanne & the AWHPC Team

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