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Natures Way Property Services

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Member Since:  Apr 2013
Natureswayps is one of the leading pest control and wildlife removal company based in Ottawa and they have been in this business for more than 20 years now. They offer environment friendly and humane solutions against pest and wildlife infestation.

Company Overview: Employees of Nature's Way have over 20 years of experience providing Ottawa animal control and pest management. Our company belongs to the Better Business Bureau. We take a responsible approach to eradicating pests by using humane pest control techniques. We also want our customers to be informed about the causes of infestation, and help them set up a pest prevention plan.
24-Hour Emergency Pest Removal Services

Nature’s Way offers 24-hour emergency pest removal services for customers in the Greater Ottawa Valley area.

Residents, homeowners, property managers, and commercial business owners depend on our qualified pest...  Read More
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Name:Natures Way Property Services
Location:Ottawa, Ontario
Category:Business & Industrial
Since:Apr 1990