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Who am I? Who are we?

- Hi, I'm glad to have you reading this! I believe the most important part of our entire Addoway website is

right here. I certainly don't want to give my hard earned money to run off into Cyberspace, and I feel like

you'll agree with me on that. Right? So who are we? and most importantly who am I? I'm Steve, the Owner

of The Motor City Merchants. I LOVE shopping online! (Ebay, Amazon, Even the occasional Craigslist) But

there were some key things, as a Buyer, that I didn't enjoy about online shopping... So I created this

business with those beliefs in mind. - The First of these beliefs are:


You Deserve Service, Quickly, From Someone Who Cares As Much as You Do.

Think back for a second, have you had a terrible experience with a company? I think we

all have at some point. It makes you want to scream doesn't it? Or maybe you did! I've

had these experiences, and I truly believe that the greatest key, to a great experience, is in

the service we receive. You can call us anytime, day or night, or email us. We respond to

all emails within 12 hours, and all phone calls are answered by a Human Being. No

Automation, no mess, simple and easy.

You Deserve Effortless Shipping in One Day.

Not Business Day. If we are anything alike, you work hard. You're busy, maybe you

only have time to shop on weekends? Maybe you work hours that don't allow you to shop

in a Brick and Mortar store during business hours? I know for me... I prefer shopping

on weekends. Which is why I'm always amazed, when some stores treat the weekend like

a day off. Nothing irritates me more than ordering something on a Saturday, and

not receiving a tracking number until late Monday. This is why I stand behind my

guarantee to ship out, and provide tracking in 1 day.

Our Items Are Exactly As Described. If It Says It, It's There.
Have you ever ordered one thing and gotten something else? Only to realize some details

in the "Description" were misleading? Do you almost want to keep the item, because you

dread the return process and all the questions from the Customer Service? Or even having

to call the Customer Service in the first place! Let's be honest... sometimes we want to sit

around in our PJ's and just order something without having to run out somewhere. Right?

You can't touch the items online, you deserve a clear, simple, and concise description.

Multiple High-Quality pictures and no misleading descriptions. Don't you agree? This is

why we promise our merchandise is EXACTLY as you see it... and will arrive EXACTLY

as you see it. If for any reason it isn't right, we'll make it right. Call me personally. This is

the level of Service to you, that only we can provide. Ever try to call the CEO of a Large

Corporation directly? Good Luck... (269) 680-5646 Reach me directly if you aren't 100%

Why Does Quality Have To Be So Expensive?
It doesn't... I've had my fair share of sticker shocks in the past. Have you ever asked

yourself "How much did they really pay to make that item?" Plain and Simple... You

deserve quality. I'm proud to say that every product we sell, goes through a thorough and

rigorous inspection of Quality, before it even makes it to our shelves for you. We take a

good look at everything that is most important to you, including the PRICE. It always feels

good to get something you really want. But, how much better does it feel, knowing you got

it for an unbelievable price? Our goal is to make that "Too good to be true" feeling a

In Conclusion:

These are my beliefs, and the belief of everyone at Motor City Merchants. At the end of

the day, I'm a person just like you. I'm a family man, who loves playing with my dog,

singing, dancing, snowboarding, and playing music. I set out on this mission to change the

way traditional retail does things. Our only goal is to provide you, what you want. On time,

on point, accurately. Were in the business of you. I appreciate you reading this, and look

forward to your business. Please leave feedback on our Service. It's the only way we can

get even better.

All the Best,

Steven D. - Owner - Motor City Merchants

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