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Why Go to a Shoe Repair Specialist in Oakland CA?

Perhaps you are holding on to the loafers you’ve worn throughout college. Or maybe you can’t let go of your lucky shiny oxfords that got you your first job. The good news is, a shoe repair specialist in Oakland CA can easily save your favorite pair of shoes. If you are committed to holding on to a pair of shoes you hold dear, all you need is a good shoe refurbisher in Oakland CA.
For a small fee, your new shoes can get a new life as new soles and heels are added as well as laces, foot beds, and welting. The leather can be hand-polished and conditioned to give them a new gleam. Of course, not all shoes can be saved. A shoe repair specialist in Oakland CA can tell you the truth about the life span of your favorite pair. If it will cost too much to repair your shoes, the cobbler may advise you to buy a new pair instead.
Below are just some of the many services an Oakland based shoe repair specialist can offer:
  • Heel Relining
  • Heel Repair
  • Rubber and Leather Full Sole and Half Sole Replacement
  • Shoe Dyeing
  • Shoe Rebuild
  • Elastic and Buckle Repair
  • Strap Repair
  • New Velcro
  • Shoe Shine
  • Stretching (for tight shoes)
One of the most common reasons why people choose to have their shoes repaired is to save money, of course. This is especially true if you paid a lot for the shoes and want to extend its life for as long as possible.
Another reason why people choose to repair instead of buy is comfort. It’s hard to break in new shoes; it will certainly cost you time and several blisters. Meanwhile, your old shoes have probably already conformed to the shape of your feet. You can walk in them for miles and miles, so naturally, you would rather save them than buy a new one.
And then, of course, some people just can’t let go of their shoes for sentimental reasons. Perhaps that pair was given to you by someone special. Perhaps it was the first pair you ever bought with the money you earned.  Whatever your reason, a shoe specialist in Oakland, California can help you.
Shoe repair specialists that offer the best kinds of services are those that have plenty of experience. If you are looking for an Oakland CA shoe repair specialist, check out family owned and/or operated establishments. It’s best if the business has an excellent track record and have been in the industry for more than a decade or so.
About the Author:
Model Shoe Renew are the leading provider of Instant Repair services in the Bay Area. They offer various repair services for shoes, luggage, leather, zipper and much more. Along with repair services, they also offer wide varieties of fantastic shoes, totes, belts and different items on their local and online store.
Contact Information:
Contact Person: Peter Kemel (Owner and Repair Expert)
Address: 1934 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, California, 94704
Phone Number: 510-843-7218
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