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A little about us here in my home!

*****A little about us The Woods!*****

We are a loving family of 3 whom never seem to get a break in life. Hard workers with a little boy named Dewey who just turned 4. We are thankful to be a happy, loving family with many extended family members and friends. 

My husband and I were blessed 4 yrs ago with our son Dewey. After many attempts at pregnancy only ending in losses he was our last opportunity to have a child of our own as emotionally & physically we simply could not withstand another loss. In my 7 month pregnancy with Dewey things became quite critical within my body and required a helicopter ride to Johns Hopkins Hospital to await testing, outcomes, etc. 11 days after being there a decision was made 3am in the morning to do an emergency  c-section to deliver Dewey and restore my deteroriating health. After several attempts they had lost vital signs on Dewey and he was finally delivered with no signs of life, they worked on him firecely and by the
grace of God he regained his heartbeat! We spent a major amount of time in the hospital and when I was released my husband and I were housed in the Ronald Mconald Charity House to allow us to be very close to the hospital. We spent an entire month there then Dewey was getting well enough to be transferred closer to home and spent a month there also then finally he was carried into home. He came with medical equipment and required a lot of special attnetion. Gradually all equipment and his special needs were removed. Now he is a very lovable. sociable 4 yr old with no signs of that critical birth.

Recently 2 days before Christmas we experienced the burning of our home by a fire that started within the clothes dryer. Everything was lost from Dewey's memories in that home and his special items throughout infancy that we kept, memories of past family to medications ( all was gone). A tremendous outpouring of love and caring came from within the community, family, friends, and many more. We are now in a home again and rebuilding memories, material things, etc. Again by the
grace of GOD we are together!

We have experienced some of the most devasting things in life we will ever have with the passing of my Dad, to the fire and so on. And we have experienced the most exciting time in our life, the birth of  Dewey! We hold strong together as husband, wife, and child and overcome all obstacles. We push through any situation and help others as much as possible. For all of the devastation only makes us stronger as a family. 

We both work regular jobs with my husband working a full time weekly job to myself working on a flex schedule with the hosptial and ocassionally working from home with the hospital to a Part Time position on weekends at the Whitetail Ski Resort.

We wouldn't change our life right now and we live one day at a time. We look forward to 2013 being a better year and we look forward to the start of building memories in our new home.

I do online sales as an opportunity  to make any additional income for helping our family. I do my best to have great customers and make friends and repeat customers are always loved. I love to give the best possible service and you can always ask me anything. 

Please enjoy looking at our things we have for sale! And we thank you for taking the time to read about us. I look forward to giving you a wonderful transaction!


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Fanatic Team Gear
Fanatic Team Gear | February 13th 2013 at 1360799142

Nice to meet you Marty and to "meet" Dewey. He sounds truly like a blessing! I looked up the ski resort to see where it was and to see a picture, hopefully you all will be playing in the snow and not worrying about bad things in days to come ;o).
Shars Gift Mart
Shars Gift Mart | February 16th 2013 at 1361067420

Welcome to Addoway. I hope 2013 is a great year for you and your family!
CLOSED... | February 22nd 2013 at 1361519158

Hello Marty... What a very touching story... So very sorry about the passing of your Dad and your home burning... So very happy you have your son Dewey... He sounds like a Wonderful Little Boy... Wishing you, your husband and Dewey a Fantastic 2013 and many sales... GOD Bless you all... Sophia and Tony
Ring Fling
Ring Fling | March 31st 2013 at 1364715396

~ <3 ~

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