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homemade food smoker of less wine

And good health Liberation Army 302 hospital Policy Committee member of the people, Secretary of the Party Committee. Retire after the former Logistics firm, Deputy Director of the Chinese military law society of Vice-Chairman simultaneously General Secretary, currently for the General Logistics lawyer law firm, 302 retired cadres of the party industry Secretary of the hospital. A friend asked me: you are old, but the physical and mental health, as is fitness, health, protection of health? In the conversation, it is very easy: The first: Work not less than 4 hours per day. And endless, heat, never "shut down", that is, to keep the important cornerstone of physical and mental health of the elderly. I did 16 years,Newport Cigarettes For Sale never a carefree day in retirement now, it is also a retired Executive of the party branch Secretary and so on several positions. Not in the Office, but his work at least 4 hours a day. Just as you are free to write. In 16 years, I'm newspapers more than 400,000 words in the country and abroad. Published three books. One after the other three times, squad was the extended until retirement. The second: go, as soon as the fishing during the week. I this DiaoMi is notoriously, heat, cold and endless rod, and went into the wild fish, also very period. You start the main reservoir of Beijing in 16 years, watering the great rivers. Fishing makes me close to nature, athletic endurance and attitude, updated. Thirdly: how a box for a walk. I called Tai Chi exercise treasure, learn, Chen Tai Chi chuan, remember the daily practice, to lead the fist hand. What in the morning and once in the day walking half an hour at a time, to accumulate over a long period of time, energy. Fourthly: homemade food smoker of less wine. Three meals a day, every day to do the thickness is, tie - in element taken into account. Without milk and eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner or noodles or rice, except a little food fish, meat and poultry,Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online vegetable essential food at every meal. As for cigarettes and alcohol, I never have. Fifth: Keep learning never to interrupt. In retirement, after I learned to use the computer. I am experiencing: learn people the person on, often new, is learning a person healthy. Especially for the elderly.

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