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city tobacco control complaint hotline

In the middle of May this year, Lanzhou tobacco Kontrollbüro of public security, industry and trade, food safety joint several departments such as joint enforcement of the law, the classroom, four types of restrictions on smoking area a total ban for the joint law enforcement set clearly in the legislation of eight, inspection. Wang Qiang, said the city of Lanzhou, to create the national health city work be carried out on a deep, news is an indicator for the fight against of tobacco. Lanzhou now has city tobacco control complaint hotline with 12.320 health hotline system and axis citizens found unlawful behavior, can 12320 will to choose feedback the information to the appropriate monitoring of law enforcement 12.320 hotline,Wholesale Cigarettes Online and researchers called for punishment. For example the smoking in public places such as hotels, the hotel of the supervision of the Ministry of public security Office of the jurisdiction area if someone discover smoking ban smoking in the vicinity of the hotel, 12320123 can complain to 20 information feedback to sue District Department of public safety, the public security forces carried out punishment. Wang Qiang, said that tobacco is much Division of law enforcement, such as food drug administration tube gastronomy, Division of transportation taxi, bus, etc. such as education, sports, tourism and other administrative penalties without authorisation of the competent authority, and there is no clear legal tobacco control law enforcement work in the public space, the health authorities responsible for unified. But for the law of enforcement, many citizens and experts not well off. A number of the personality in the course of which means study, several law enforcement be penalties. The key is to implement laws and regulations You participate in lanzhou ZANU-PF lawyer song Yongjiang, head of the Committee, an interview with reporters said that smoking in public is not only a need relevant laws and regulations, the key is to implement laws and regulations. Already in 2009, China announced the "this article 63 indicated in indoor smoking in public places can be served a warning or a fine of less than five hundred RMB, if serious circumstances five days prison they are. But in fact, smoking in public for individuals, to get just a few short minutes, wait for the most difficult and means of proof, a cigarette, until law enforcement arrived complaints back to the scene of the crime, perpetrators would be slipped away. Smoking ban in public places,Newport 100s Cigarettes tobacco control must be taken administrative measures. Health Department, leading common law Department to check power tens of thousands of smokers is not enough compared to the. Song Yongjiang suggested that lessons learned from experiences in other countries, is a professional law enforcement team or the establishment of a group of volunteers at the tobacco control, to make coordination between the departments, set common law enforcement. Take at the same time, the leadership in the promotion of the Government system of tobacco control and smoking. Song Yongjiang said, years ago, the Central "LiangBan of leading cadres' smoking new rules which will lead to a smoking ban in China and new situation, the leading cadres, the Executive about smoking and to take tobacco control, you can promote local tobacco control strong process.

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