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Young school hiking society due to the curious cigarettes taste high quality cigarette series robbery

Several young people break the school after a hike in the company, and the series robbery-quality cigarette. Before recently Jianyang Public Security Bureau Police Brigade after a careful investigation, criminal gangs of Chinese cigarettes successfully solved the specialized shops looted. However, motive is the criminal gangs of crime because curious, really a person in distress situation. This August, Jianyang city and the surrounding towns, dozens of shops along the road in the night that Rob cigarette was case. Survey, the police learned that criminals these cases is not large,Buy Newports Online the age is not large. There one after the other in their home can hope include minor case, through the survey of crime from a large number of police officers who successfully completed not arrest four suspected robbers of 15 or 16 protect minors from the perspective of police, to do work the parents, that through surrendered after parents find their children. On September 18 the four children accompanied by their parents must be police showed Brigade, and truly committed the criminal facts. Originally, these young people are from the school fall about in society. 8 in September, they meet often to Jianyang city and the surrounding towns, the storage on the road, to buy the entire Chinese cigarettes, as we, the store owner took a cigarette on the counter, then look for excuses, snacks to buy music store owner away that took a cigarette and outside waiting for partner to drive a motorcycle to escape,Newport Short Cigarettes with more than 10 offences. The over the counter, the owner can't beat perpetrators in a timely manner. Let the police had not expected, however, that these young motif was curious about cigarettes, want to taste the taste of cigarettes.

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