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LadyFresh Natural Feminine Health

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Member Since:  May 2011
LadyFresh Natural Feminine Health & Hygiene is the premier distribution partner of MerryLiving™ all natural herbal sanitary napkins. MerryLiving™'s natural and extra absorbent sanitary napkins combine Western technology with traditional Chinese herbal therapy to provide healthy feminine hygiene products with therapeutic benefits. The products are up to 47X as absorbent as the leading brand (watch the demonstration video), and the chemical-free, non-woven fabric draws moisture away from the surface and feels soft next to delicate skin. If you experience skin irritation, itchiness and discomfort due to traditional sanitary napkin use, try MerryLiving™ to experience a truly remarkable product.

MerryLiving™ sanitary napkins/pads are integrated with 5 herbal plant essences to promote health and relieve discomfort. Extracts of rose, lavender, aloe, mint and houttuynia are infused in...  Read More
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Name:LadyFresh Natural Feminine Health & Hygiene
Location:Decatur, Georgia
United States
Category:Health & Beauty
Since:Jun 2010

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