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How to Choose Eyeglasses – The Basics of Eyeglass Shopping

The market for eyeglasses has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. This has led to a lot of options for consumers. From eyeglasses that speak volumes about style to durable, value-for-money eyewear, there’s so much to choose from. It is easy to get overwhelmed and pick something that does not suit your needs. It may look great on a model but not suit you, or it may not be comfortable with regular use. To avoid such pitfalls, the list of pointers listed below should help you pick the right pair of eyeglasses according to your requirements.

Eyeglasses have a lot to do with how your face looks. The shape of your face determines the type of frame you should pick.

Square Face: Often defined by prominent jaw lines, a wide forehead and angular features, a square face will look better with thinner frames. Choose between round frames to soften the natural angles and go with neutral colors that are not too loud

Round Face: Round faces with curves, fuller cheeks and a wide forehead should go with angular frame shapes. A round face can also look good with upswept frames. You can bring the focus to eyes and make the face appear longer

• Oval Face: Often considered the ideal face shape, it leaves individuals with a lot of room to experiment with shapes, colors and textures. Oval faces are characterized by balanced features, narrow chin and slightly broader forehead. You can go with bold shapes and sizes that balance the overall look. Cat eye frames look good on such oval faces

• Diamond Face: If you have high cheekbones, go with something that is light in color and frames that are wider than your forehead. These are a great combination as they bring the focus on the lower half of your face

As for the colors, the neutrals look best with heart shaped faces and square frames.

When you are choosing eye frames, you want the best deal but don't want to compromise on quality. This is why it’s a good idea to check out the frames online. There are plenty of deals, and you get to choose from among the best brands under one roof. Keep the following points in mind when looking for eyeglasses online.

• Price: The first most important thing to check is if you are getting the best deal. Price varies considerably amongst frames with similar shapes but from different brands. You will be paying a lot more for premier brands. But if the extra money brings extra features and better quality, it may be worth it

• Quality: You will be using your eyeglasses for a fairly long time, make sure you do not compromise on the quality to save a few extra bucks. You may end up spending more to get a new pair if it does not last.

• Reliability: When you are looking for something online, you want a player that has established its name in the market. You want something more reliable than the others.

The idea of buying frames (or any other product) online is built around convenience. If you can get eyeglasses that enhance your best features, you are using the right pair.

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