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Eyeglasses for Women of All Ages – How to Choose the Right One

The right pair of eyeglasses can be the perfect accessory for a woman. However, the wrong frame or style can equally ruin your entire look. The frame that you loved a few years ago may not look as good now as they did then. The fact is fashion as well as our faces are always changing. Some designs and styles suit a certain age better than others. Here is a little guide to help you with the decision of selecting your next pair of eyeglasses.


This is a perfect time to experiment. Go with everything from modern shapes, creative frames, but above all pay attention to comfort. Wearing the wrong frame can lead to dark sports where the nose pads rest or cause dark circles to appear around your eyes. A comfortable pair will help you avoid that. You can try out geometric designs or go with thick oversized plastic frames. You can also sport multicolored or patterned options. You have everything from animal prints to subtle patterns that look cool.

In Your 30s

This is tricky as you are moving away from the ultra-chic styles to something more sober but not boring at the same time. You are changing careers, shifting jobs and looking for more commitment in work and relationships, or starting to expand your family. This is the time to be a little more subtle and avoid anything loud like super bright colors and big frames. Stylish yet simple is the mantra here. Experiment with cat-eye but in a size that doesn’t extend too far beyond your face.

This is also a time when you can look at laser-cut details and finishes for a modern look. Steal some looks from the retro era too but don’t go full vintage.

40 is here

You are the busy parent and have moved ahead in your career. There’s no time for the super exciting escapades, and there is always something to take care of. Don’t let the stress carry over to your fashion and sense of style. There are eyeglasses that are trendy, yet subtle. This is the time for rimless frames and solid colors. You can also go with upswept rectangles, ovals, as long as they complement your face. Anything that looks functional and smooth will tend to win out, but it totally depends on your personal style too. This is also the time to choose from solid colors like deep reds, block greens, and even strong browns.

Post 50

You have seen and done it all. You are wise and experienced, and it reflects in your style and manner. You can opt for full frame or half rim eyeglasses, but chances are you will be using bifocal lenses. Unless you want to switch glasses for reading and for regular use, select a pair that will allow you to read as well as use normally. You may be getting old, but don’t let that dampen your fashionable side. Who said the stylish cannot be serious? Go with rimless frames with simple lens design. Even for other frames, let simplicity speak for itself. The nerd glasses you avoided all your life might just look great on you now.

It doesn’t matter what age, the idea is to look for frames that go well with the shape of your face. And if you choose the right color as well, half the job is done. If you are having trouble picking the right color, you can always fall back on black frames.

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