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Flip Flops for Women - History, Style, and Shopping Secrets

Did you know the word “flip flop” is derived from the sound these sandals make? Early types of flip flops have been around since 4000 BC and were used by the Egyptians, but in the US, flip flops only became popular around the 1960s after World War II.

Flip flops are usually worn during the summer. They are very comfortable to wear and give you a good reason to show off your pedicure! There are a wide range of flip flops available in the market, but beware—not all of them are comfortable. Fashion flip flops come in a variety of colors with fascinating designs, but without proper support, they can cause serious aches and pains after a long day of walking.

But here’s good news: There are wonderful flip flops that successfully marry comfort and style. A good flip flop should offer total support for your foot. A cushioning system can help prevent pronation and should absorb shocks as you walk. There should also be a stability cradle to offer cupping for your heel and support for the arch of your foot. New technology has allowed manufacturers to create high-tech surfaces that follow the shape of the wearer’s foot for complete comfort. The straps also need to be of excellent quality. If you use flip flops with poor quality straps, you can end up with blisters on your foot. For lasting comfort, make sure to go for flip flops with soft straps made from premium materials.

If you are shopping for the perfect pair of flip flops, check out these tips:

• Know your foot – You have to understand the size and shape of your foot to be able to find the perfect pair. For example, if you have a flat foot, it’s best to find specially made flip flops with arch support.

• Check the materials – always read the fine print. It is important that you know what flip flops are made of. Flip flops made with Polysorb can offer an ortho-quality support system for your heel and arch.

• Go online – Sometimes, the flip flop selections at department stores are extremely limited. You have better chances of finding the best pair of flip flops online.

• Don’t sacrifice style or comfort – Know that you don’t have to pick between the cute but cramp-inducing flip flop and the comfortable but boring pair. There’s always a pair of flip flops that can offer both comfort and style.

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