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just40 days

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Just40days is the only name you can trust which provides you with the latest breaking news related to education, sports, crime, child abuse, theft, Violence, Scammer etc.
Now a day’s many crimes, fraud cases as well as infidelity are increasing day by day. So to take a step regarding these crimes, corruptions etc.
Just40days is one of the website through which any one in Kenya can speak freely about any crime happens with their near & dear ones. By ensuring that you can present your case, whether you are a victim of rape, violence, corruption e.t.c. is a site that helps you express yourself and even warn the persons on imminent dangers around them. Thus by knowing your crime we will take strict action in just 40 days.

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Mihango,Nairobi city, Kenya
Postal code: 00100
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Phone Number: +254 725504650

Location:Nairobi city, Mihango
Category:Entertainment Memorabilia

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