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Merry Go Round

Apparently on this site you can not change the type or font size on a "sell" item.  Consequently you have a hard time proofreading as you can not go back to edit it after you post it.

A lot of extra work. 

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Indizona Variety
Indizona Variety | December 17th 2011 at 1324156458

There is an editor you can change your font, size, color. You don't get the editor in the "quick edit" you have to choose the full edit to get the editor. Just click "edit" not "quick edit". The quick edit is for when all you need to change is the title, price, category, etc.

When you click the edit button, the editor may not be showing. If not, you will see "Description: (Optional) Show »" and just click on "show" and then the word "hide" will be there and the description editor will open up for you.

They are working on making the site more user friendly. It isn't perfect, but it is getting better with every improvement that they make. The quick edit feature is one of the recent additions to make things easier when we don't need to change the description, but want to change other things.

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