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Member Since:  Apr 2011
Just a little shop to sell a few hand created jewels of sweet at affordable prices as well as great wedding hair supplies and many wonderful varieties of special jewels.

These jewels are all about making you feel pretty. This shop is about the sweet jewels that shine, glow, sparkle - make you feel like a princess like you did when you were a little girl looking in the mirror with jewels on & lipstick all over your face; all dressed up, wearing shoes that were way too big for you - dreaming of being a "big girl."

What gal still today doesn't want to sparkle in the moment feeling like a princess because the Jewels are So Sweet and make her feel so pretty? Today the shoes fit! You can buy your own jewels. Have fun. Enjoy the beauty that can boost your spirit right here in this little shop.

Isn't that what it's all about?

All our jewels arrive ready to gift with a gift tag attached. Simply...  Read More
"A little bit of sweetness for everyone."
Name:Jewels So Sweet
Location:Sonoma, California
United States
Category:Jewelry & Watches
Since:Oct 2008