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learning how to sell online

i thought that selling online would be easy. i have hundreds of pieces of jewelry already made. i have a graphic design program, and a gr8 camera. so much for thinking lol lol lol

i had a friend who told me she sells on a site, so i joined that site. i made up envelopes to hold some of the items, and set each one into a labeled envelope. since i didnt know how much shipping would be. i took the filled envelopes to the post office to find out how much the shipping would be. then i wrote a spreadsheet to find out how much i had to charge.

all of this sounds logical ... not in my world!!! i made my 1st sale, i had planned to make approx. $1.00 off of it ... shipping was supposed to be 1.39, or so i was told. when i went to the post office to mail the "package" i was charged $2.80 --- $0.40 more than my "profit" was supposed to be. i started to change the prices to cover the higher shipping costs.

then i was told that buyers prefer if the seller covers the shipping & handling, so i should change my listing to reflect that ... i wasnt finished adjusting the shipping yet. grrrrrrrrrrr. so i started to make those changes too. which was very confusing for me. and rewriting the same things i just rewrote wasnt fun.

the next thing that i was told ... is that they made a new option, where the buyer should cover the slice so that people who were buying with the sites "monoply" money. i was still floundering from the earlier changes that i hadnt finished yet. soooooooooo here we go again.

i did make 6 sales in december. which would have been gr8, if those packages had been purcased AFTER i changed all that needed to change - i had the lost money on each sale - THEN the post office lost one of the packages - and didnt seam to care if it got found, so i mailed out another pair of earrings ... of course i then paid the shipping costs again.

january started ... my state of confusion/exhaustion was horribly huge. i muddled through the month. and didnt even have everything updated yet. February started and my confusion was clearing up ... feb 3rd comes along and i went to sleep thinking i had a handle on it - finally and i felt really good about the progress

then february 4th happened ... open up the computer and the 1st think i c ... the site was CLOSING aaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

so  here i am 7 days later learning that most sites are nothing like the last one. i am stettin up on multiple sites ... even though they are all different, most are making all us orphans feel welcome ... and i am hopeful that i will succeed ... updates will be coming soon ... good luck to all who are selling, and i hope u find what ur looking for if ur buying

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