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Dan's Heart

A friend's daughter is going through some medical issues... she's just 22 and awaiting results of tests of whether she has cancer and a couple other issues.... anyway, even tho I've never met his daughter I created the afghan pictured for her...  he was blown away when I gave it to him to give to her (he actually thought I'd bought it - I explained that I'd made it)... yesterday, as he was driving us to Rick's nursing facility he told me that when he gave it to his daughter she cried!  She couldn't believe that someone she never met would give her such a gift!  
It brought back to me the reason why, quite a few years ago now, that I started 'Blanket Paradise' - to give handmade afghans, chemo caps and scarves to people at the local cancer center & hospital...  I'm thinking about redirecting my energies towards that goal again...

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CLOSED... | September 9th 2012 at 1347178152

This was a lovely story and it was really nice of you to make that for your friend's daughter... It is so very nice to hear that there are still nice giving humane people left in this world... Thank you so very much for sharing your story and your ideas about your Blanket Paradise... It has given me some ideas too... Beautiful Dog in your picture... God Bless... Sophia | September 9th 2012 at 1347193062

I liked your blog. That was very compassionate and thoughtful of you.

I had cancer a few years ago. A friend and her church group made an "Angel" quilt for me. It was beautiful and "hang on the wall" quality. Let me tell you, it felt so good for cover during chemo. I later passed it on to another friend doing chemo. God's Angel worked for me and I wanted to share the Angel with my friend.

God bless you and your friend's daughter.
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Jeanette | September 9th 2012 at 1347196569 - in reply to CLOSED

Sophia - that beautiful dog is one of our Basset Hounds, her name is Wilma...

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