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Electronic Books?

We all know that technology is changing every day. There's always a new gadget released and then updates to the old gadgets.

I'm all for progress and have many technological resources available to me to make my life easier.  One thing I haven't ventured out to purchase yet is an electronic reader. They come in all shapes, sizes, brand names, and memory levels. Color. Black and white. Seven inch. 10 inch. WiFi enabled. Expensive. Inexpensive. You name it, there's a version for just about everyone.

But there's something about holding a book. Feeling the paper. Flipping through the pages in anticipation of what happens next. Conventional books need no batteries, recharging, internet connections, data plans, or a maintenance agreement.  They can be bought fairly inexpensively and traded or given as gifts with very little remorse.

I particularly enjoy old books.  There's something about a vintage book that has lots of knowledge to share. Like a documentary or an aged history school book.  Old Bibles are cool as well. Especially if I can find one that has notes or comments written in it by the Godly person that read it from cover to leather cover. To be honest, I like old books almost to a fault.  I have over 500 books in my attic. I read them. I sell them. I trade them. I give them away. I buy more. And then I read them, sell them, trade them, give them away. And start all over again.

You'll find a sampling of those old gems here at my Addoway store. My wife is amazed at how I can sell a book, look at the title and go right to it in the attic without much of a search effort. I can pretty much remember every book I have visually.

So next time you're in the big box electronics store shopping for an e-reader, go ahead. Take the plunge.  But don't disregard the classic, sometimes dusty bound printed matter. Books. They are wonderful things!

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mrsdinkerson | March 30th 2012 at 1333166132

I totally agree with you! There's nothing like a good book! :)

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