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Introducing the Next Generation Virtual Reality Gaming Experience with Sony PS4 VR

One of the most-awaited gadgets this year is the Sony PS4 VR, which promises to transport you into a new world of gaming. The moment you slip it on, you’ll experience games in a totally different way than ever before—that’s what Sony promised and they certainly delivered.
This new Virtual Reality system designed for PlayStation 4 puts you right in the center of the action, so you can ‘live’ the game immersed in VR, instead of just playing it from afar. The Sony PS4 VR was released October 14, 2016 and has been a gamechanger for users around the globe.
PlayStation has delivered gaming experiences that used to be beyond our imagination—and it looks like they have succeeded again this time around. From 3D gaming all the way to augmented reality, Sony never disappoints.
This commitment to advancing the realm of virtual reality gaming took many leaps forward with the much-anticipated launch of the Sony PS VR. Why play behind the screen when you can ‘climb’ into the game? Visit and get comprehensive reviews on virtual reality headsets such as the visually stunning HTC Vive and the affordable entry level Samsung Gear VR Headsets.
Perhaps the biggest draw of the Sony PS4 VR is its ability to make players feel like they are virtually transported in another reality. With the PS VR, you won’t just lose track of time—you will forget where you are in this engaging tech of the senses.  This new technology is designed to immerse you in whatever game you are playing by providing an unparalleled ‘sense of presence’ that no other VR system has managed to do so far. That’s not a bad deal at all because the Sony PS4 VR is also priced right.
If you already have a PS4, then you are ready to use the Sony PS4 VR. Simply plug the VR headset into your existing PS4 and you are ready to go. There is no need for other apparatuses; simply connect the two units and start enjoying a new virtual world in seconds. Be ready to lose yourself in VR Worlds, RIGS Mechanized Combat League, and other games that were custom-built for PS4 VR.
What makes the Sony PS4 VR superior to other systems is its highly advanced custom OLED screen, which is engineered to display images at an impressive super-smooth 120Hz. It also features 360-degree vision on top of true 3D audio so you can pinpoint sounds and know where they are coming from all around you. The headset—despite all its powerful features was also designed to be as light as possible.
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