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Enhance Your Training Plans with Best GPS Running Watches

GPS running watches can be handy for tracking your runs, but you need to choose the right one that suits your running style. As long as you can unlock their full potential, the best GPS running watches can actually help you run longer and faster.
Running Smartwatches can tell you a lot about far and how long you run and even become your personal digital running coach to effectively reach your goals. Here are a few tips that can help you enhance your training with the best GPS running watches:
  1. Refer to the heart rate monitoring feature to determine the best time for you to run – It can be difficult to know the best time of the day to work out without professional opinion or the right equipment, but your GPS running watch should be able to help. Using your watch, lay on a bed with the optical heart rate monitor or your chest strap activated and stay still for five minutes. Look at your resting heart rate once you are fully relaxed and take note of it. Repeat the process every morning for two weeks to determine your average resting heart rate. If your heart rate comes in a 10 BPM (beats per minute) higher than your average on any given day, then that is an indication that you are running too much, and you may need to take a break.
  2. Determine your maximum heart rate – This should help you determine your limits. After clocking in the maximum heart rate, the running watch should be able to set five heart rate segments, which relate to the kind of workout results you will get. Most GPS running watches typically label them differently, but they are usually referred to as recovery training (60 percent of your maximum heart rate), anaerobic threshold training (82 to 89 percent), aerobic capacity training (75 to 82 percent), maximum aerobic training (89 to 94 percent), and endurance base training (65 to 70 percent).
  1. Warm up for 15 minutes by doing dynamic stretches and jogging slowly, find a hill that can let you climb for two minutes by running, then run back down at an easier pace before repeating the climb. This way, the watch can pick up the information it requires to set your zones. Some advanced GPS watches can automatically adjust the zones with every run.
  2. Use the heart-rate zone training to enhance your workout – The feature can be handy whether you are running to burn fat or as part of your regular physical fitness routine. Knowing your heart rate zones and sticking to them can help you fine-tune the training. Some fitness tracker watches come with this feature, which allows the watch to vibrate when your heart is working too much or if you are running below your required beats per minute.
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