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HelloMiz is an USA based online maternity clothing store. They offer wide range of maternity dresses, tops, bottoms and much more. They have a special range of nursing clothing. Visit their site now!

Company Overview:
HelloMiz is a Maternity clothing line for before, during and after pregnancy. We have offer you the best styles, great quality maternity clothes at affordable prices. Browse through an exclusive range of maternity dresses from our store now! Visit

Dresses for Special Occasions - Attend a Wedding Fashionably With Your Baby Bump

The fun of socializing shouldn’t stop just because you are pregnant! While your baby bump maybe altering the way you dress on the daily, there are many different ways you can flatter that growing bump (and hips and butt). Dressing up shouldn’t be much of a trouble if you know how to go around your expanding figure. When you have invites piling up and nothing to wear, you could use inspirations that you can take from to look phenomenal on the next special occasion you are dragged to. Below are some tips you can follow when dressing up for gatherings, be it a weekend barbeque, evening party, or a wedding:


  • First trimester bliss – Dressing up for a night out during your first trimester is probably the easiest, since your bump is only starting to grow and may not even be showing. Concealing your barely-there...  Read More

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Transition Wear Styles - Post Pregnancy Nursing Clothing

New-mom bods are constantly in a state of transition that can oftentimes be challenging to dress. Post pregnancy bump is to say the least, unsightly and when you have barely five minutes to get yourself ready in the morning, clueless how you can get around the deflated basketball that has replaced your once glorious baby bump, it can be quite disheartening. To keep yourself from feeling self-conscious when nothing in your wardrobe seems to fit like you want them to anymore, treat yourself to a good online shopping splurge and learn how to manage your changing body with the right clothing strategy. Here are some things you should remember when shopping for clothes, post-pregnancy:

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How to Save Money by Buying Cool Maternity Clothing from Online Stores in the US

Clothes shopping is always fun, until you realize that you’ve spent way too much on pieces you will never wear more than once. If your wardrobe is bursting full and you still find yourself struggling to find something to wear, it might be time to rethink your clothing shopping habits. This is especially true when you are expecting, and would like a comfortable set of clothes that are in tune with your personal style. Here are ways to get a fashionable wardrobe without having to spend a fortune:

  • Invest in generic basics. Your tank tops and plain shirts don’t always have to be brand-name pieces, especially when you mostly wear them under other things. It’s usually more practical to buy generic brands of basic layering pieces as no one’s going to see them.


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"Los Angeles, CA / A Trendy and Chic Maternity line, For before , during & After Pregnancy."
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