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Explore the New Style of Fashion with Hand Stitched Needlepoint Belts

Hand stitched needlepoint belts have of late become very popular and have been used for businesses, clubs, sports teams, country clubs and individual belts for people who want to experiment with fashion and belts. Custom designed hand stitched needlepoint belts give the person wearing it an outlet to express themselves and what they believe in. These fashionable needlepoint belts are custom made for every individual keeping in mind the kind of style statement an individual wants to flaunt.

One can choose one’s own personal hand stitched needlepoint belt which is stylish and elegant. Some of the needlepoint belts are traditional in nature and provide ultimate finishing touch to one’s outfit. Bright and colored needlepoint belts exude an element of a fresh lease of life to otherwise dull attire. These handmade and customized belts are crafted with attention to detail and come in varied sizes and dimensions to fit any shape and size. These belts also include free monograms which add a dash of exclusivity to the already stylish handcrafted belts. There are many factors that go into making these priceless pieces of craft like mounting and finishing besides many hours of labor.

The design of the needlepoint belt is created in accordance with the belt size and it becomes pertinent that you choose the right size so that the belt fits you perfectly while accentuating your body shape.

These colorful hand stitched needlepoint belts are a stylish way of announcing to the world that you have arrived. No matter what the fashion gurus say, these funky yet finely crafted needlepoint belts seamlessly complement all personality types and casually define success.

Every individual who believes in something close to his or her heart and is passionate about it can use these hand stitched needlepoint belts to express one’s personal opinion, wish or just a feeling. These belts provide that creative, subtle and stylish space where anyone wearing these needlepoint hand stitched belts can express himself or herself in a fun and a youthful way. These hand stitched needlepoint belts are available online and offline in various colors and motifs allowing the person wearing it to experiment with various facets of contemporary fashion. In addition, these belts do not go overboard whenever one flaunts them as they do not overpower one’s individual aura and personality. The person wearing the belt feels confident and comfortable at the same time. A perfect hand stitched needlepoint belt goes a long way in bringing about a major transformation to the person wearing it making him or her look and feel unique and fashionable.

About the Author:-

Good Threads LLC is a needle point company founded by David Palmer and his brother Tim Palmer in 2012. Tim got the company up and running while David figured out how to actually make a needlepoint belt and train women to do the same. Both David and Tim were motivated by a desire to create a new revenue source for the Joan Rose Foundation and employ the hard working Haitian women of our community.

Contact Details:

Name : David Palmer

Designation: Founder and President

Address – 1471 North Glengarry

City – Bloomfield Village

State – MI

Country – USA

Zip code/ PIN code – 48301

Phone Number – 248-646-9134

Company Email ID –

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