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Multi Picture Frame - The Best Gift to Dear Ones

Multi picture frames or collage frames make an excellent gift idea for your loved ones. These frames can either be individual frames that are hinged or grouped together to create one collage, or a single frame unit with multiple windows and openings so several photographs can be displayed at once. There are many different types of multi picture frames that you can choose from and use to show off your favourite photographs of your family or your recent vacation trip, reunion, or any other special event that is worth remembering through pictures.
Collage picture frames are great for all kinds of occasions. You can use them to show pictures of your children as they are growing up or to collate your favourite moments from a significant event such as a wedding or a family reunion. You can also keep track of your child's development from an infant to a tot by collecting photos in one collage frame. Multi picture frames come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and they can hold as many as two pictures to 20 or more photographs at the same time. Some collage photo frames even come with differently sized frame windows to add style to your presentation.
Multi picture frames are excellent display options in your own home and they make excellent gifts for your friends and loved ones who are fond of preserving memories through photographs. You may select several photographs of your group and create a unique presentation that your loved ones will truly appreciate. When purchasing multipicture frames for these kinds of projects, go for manufacturers that use the best raw materials and offer the most flexible designs and styles to meet your requirements and preferences. Go for companies that have long years of experience in the framing business to get the exact frames you want and need.

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Curious George | May 24th 2014 at 1401000967

1. I see that you've just joined May 2014. Will you be bringing your products here soon?

2. Can you make an old frame look new again?

3. What is the best way to keep the glass edges from chipping or breaking while working with any frame in order to change print photos/paintings on a seasonal basis?

4. Should frames be left alone once the item is framed or will that cause it to become loose at some point after 5-10 years if changing the items out?

5. Should wooden frames be cleaned with furniture polish or just dusted off with a feather duster?

6. When I moved, I had about 10 medium to large size painting in frames and discovered that 2 were damaged during the move with the lower glass corners cracked. Does weight or positioning (up/down or stacked during a move) be a sensitive ordeal? What "How To" suggestions can you share in order to make a safe move from one location to another without damaging the glass?

7. Which frame do you prefer: wood, plastic, acrylic, cut bordered mirror, rattan or metal. You choose and explain why?

Thanks, Curi
2nd Chance 4 Life Medicine Cabinet
2nd Chance 4 Life Medicine Cabinet | July 30th 2014 at 1406727950

Go to know, thanks

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