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Welcome to our Store. Emi-Tech Inc was formed a Texas Corporation May 1994.
Owned and Operated by MaryLola and Larry Gouge. We've been doing business on line since the web first came about pushed by a late close friend all the way back in 1994. He had the vision and we just let him lead us in. Started actually selling via auctions in 2004. We just arrived into the Social Media in 2011-2012. Never dreamed I'd love meeting so many wonderful people.
We started business selling Automotive Test Equipment-Awarded Motor Magazine Prestigious "Top 20 Tools" award in 1995 and in 1997. Now we diversified into into metal fabrication in the poultry, automotive and food processing industries, including Rotational Molding cargo/storage work boxes for utility Trailer and Farm Equipment. EMI-Tech prototypes product to Market completion. "What can we build for you".
Our biggest product line is CargoPal Race...  Read More

Half A Heart Angels

Over a month ago, My Sweet Pregnant Granddaughter (due in Dec.);  Who we raised most of her life, was told by her OBGYN that there might be a problem with the babies heart from what the Doctor saw on a sonogram.  First led to believe it was probably Down ’s syndrome.  They send you to another doctor for a more intense sonogram with a scheduled appt a week away.  So you get to worry and worry all the while praying for an entire week.  I tell her I can’t believe that because she is so young assuming Down’s Syndrome is usually with older women’s pregnancy .

Second Doctor drops the Bomb shell with higher level sonogram; HLHS Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  The Left side of the heart does not work.  Fatal without surgeries beginning at birth.
But wait - now they need to go to another doctor and yes the appt is a week or so away. This time it’s to a...  Read More

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