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Buy A Moonshine Still with Confidence from The Distillery Network Inc. (

These units are ready to use. Start making your mash today with confidence that your unit is in the mail already shipped on the next business day. You can always call us at 603-997-6786 and get an updated tracking number. My units are very effecient, using the thumper keg as a double purification unit, you will guarantee yourself 170 proof on your first run. STOP WASTING TIME. The possibilities are endless with one of my units and please read our warranty before purchasing. YOU ARE COMPLETELY COVERED your first 30 days from any type of defects and damages. and after that period, you will have a lifetime warranty on all repair work. About half of our customers buy our units for artwork for their house or barn. It is a great conversation piece, but also offers functionability. The dependability of my...  Read More
"Purchase a Distillation Unit In Confidence from The Distillery Network Inc."
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