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What To Serve With Your Armadillo

When I first decided to do this blog thing, I said I would never do recipes.  Yeah, like I haven't learned that never-say-never lesson about a brazillion times.  But this one is different, so it doesn't count.  I promise you have never seen a recipe like this one.  Well, unless you were hanging out with a certain crowd in West Texas in the mid 1980's, that is.  And when was the last time you saw a recipe accompanied by a photo of Clint Eastwood holding an armadillo?  Uh huh.  That's what I thought. 

So, coming straight at you from my I Can't Believe I Saved That file:

Texas B&B Breakfast (Biscuits & Beer) served with Armadillo


1 cup of flour
A dab of salt
A pinch of baking powder
About that much shortening
1 National Texas Beer (32 oz. bottle of Lone Star) 
1 Armadillo

Take your flour, your salt, and your baking powder and mix it up real good in a bowl.  Add the shortening in slowly along with about 3 oz. of beer.  When the dough starts to roll up in a ball and is just barely sticking to the bowl, you're about ready to cook.  Roll up some biscuits, put them on a pan greased with hog fat, and toss them in the oven, already hot, around 350 degrees. 

Now, just sit down with that other 29 oz. and your pet armadillo (they love Lone Star Beer) and set your clock for about 15 minutes, and be ready to pull them puppies out.  When eating your biscuits don't hesitate to dunk one in your Lone Star for added flavor.

Disclaimer:  I have never actually cuddled with an armadillo.  Come to think of it, I've never even seen a live one.  I can, however, attest to the fact that beer does something pretty darned special to ordinary biscuit dough. 

Disclaimer to the disclaimer:  Sources tell me that amadillos can sometimes carry leprosy.  So, if you get leprosy and your nose falls off, don't say you weren't warned.  Besides, I have nothing worth suing me for anyway. 

And, just in case you're in the mood for some more conventional recipes, I have some of those too.  And even a couple of vintage, collectible cookbooks.

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Better Homes & Gardens Vintage 1963 Lunches and Brunches Cookbook

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The Natural Healing Cookbook by Mark Bricklin 1981 HC

The Rodale Cookbook by Nancy Albright 1974 HC

Mary Meade's Magic Recipes for the Osterizer by Ruth Ellen Church 1952 HC

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Reader Comments  (8)

Jewelrywiz | February 20th 2013 at 1361370004

Love it! great post!
Desert Belle
Desert Belle | February 20th 2013 at 1361374910

Thank you, Chickie! *curtsy* ;)
Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | February 20th 2013 at 1361403392

What fun!
Desert Belle
Desert Belle | February 20th 2013 at 1361404046

But I still wanna know why Clint is cuddling an armadillo . . .
CLOSED... | February 20th 2013 at 1361427650

Interesting Blog... Clint can do that... He is a country boy and a redneck... They pretty much do whatever they want... lol
no photo
lynn | February 21st 2013 at 1361450554

What the | February 21st 2013 at 1361484038

Don't think much of the armadillo, but oh, that Clint!!! Worth it!
Indizona Variety
Indizona Variety | February 25th 2013 at 1361828845

You are so entertaining!!

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