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Country Inn Kennel and Cattery

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Member Since:  Mar 2014
We offer friendly, loving, and supervised environment for your pet.We have professional staff that is passionate to do the best for your cats and dogs. Whether you are ill or you are on a holiday or business trip, we are here to treat your pet with excessive indulgence. We also provide tips for your pets’ health.

Company Overview: Country Inn Kennel and Cattery offers dog grooming and boarding services in Chapel Hill, since 2012. We also provide cat grooming facilities from an expert that are well-trained in handling animals with love and care. Whether you need to go out of town or have a full-time job that keeps you away during the day, Contact us for all pet Boarding services in Chapel hill.
"Dog grooming and boarding, Chapel Hill– Country Inn Kennel and Cattery"
Name:Country Inn Kennel and Cattery
Location:4645 Old Greenboro Road, Chapel Hill, 27516, North Carolina
United States
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