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Odds and Ends Boutique

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Welcome to Odds & Ends. My name is Connie and I am a hardcore crafter and handcrafted jewelry designer/creator. I love doing many things in my spare time... I am irrevocably hooked on creating designs on my Zazzle account @ and am absolutely crazy about my husband and pets...I create unique one of a kind jewelry for sale and am currently taking orders for custom made pieces as well...I specialize in wedding jewelry...among all the other items I create you will find wonderful gifts for the women on your list...I have also in the past been commissioned to create jewelry for men. I am willing to negotiate price on most of my already created pieces...however custom pieces do not qualify for this, but do qualify for 30% off total estimated cost until Christmas...with free shipping on multiple items packaged together...
"Specializing in Handcrafted High-end look jewelry at affordable prices.."
Name:Odds & Ends Boutique
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