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I Remember That Day

On September 11th I was at work when I heard the news that the jets had been taken over by terrorists.  My foreman Issac has a sister in uniform and she had called him dawnbreak early to let him know what was happening.  

I was standing right next to Issac in a group huddle type meeting when his cell rang and clearly saw the Oh-No look on his face when he heard.  If I remember right Issac's sister was urging Issac to leave work immediately, head straight home and go sit with his Mom and Dad and help them with understanding the unfolding events on television.  Issac's mother is in heaven now, but back then she was suffering from numerous health problems including Alzheimer's and was extremely fragile.  Issac's sister knew their parents were news junkies and had the television news on 24-7 in the living room airport-bar-style.

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