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Bob Rothman

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Member Since:  Dec 2013
Bob Rothman - Professional Gambler banned by the bookies for winning too much.

... and now a major supplier of Genuine Horse Racing Tips

Rothman started late in Horse Racing even though he'd always wanted to be a professional gambler since he was a kid at school. So he started off specialising as the man who could get stable money n to horses laid out to win gambles.

Bob Rothman became known as the man to help whenever contacts had a strongly fancied horse laid out to win it's race.

To start with he hammered the bookies with these winners. Then the bookies banned him for winning and then it was the "Bob Rothman" army of trusted clients who were responsible for getting the money on under the radar. Cowardly bookies would dive for cover when there was a "Rothman Race" as they called it on their managers screens. Hills would sometimes restrict clients to max £25 bets whenever Rothman was...  Read More
"Professional Gambler banned by the bookies for winning too much."
Name:Bob Rothman
Location:Cobham, Surrey
United Kingdom
Category:Entertainment Memorabilia

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