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Superior Cargo

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Superior Cargo is new to Addoway but very experienced in Online E-Commerce. Superior Cargo owns Trash2Cash in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Superior Cargo on Ebay. Superior Cargo on Addoway offers some of the best in Apparel, Electronics, Movies, Games, and all that is entertainment. This Addoway store just like my Ebay store guarantees the best in Customer Service. Check us out often as we will constantly add new items to our store. If you are interested in auction style farm fresh antiques check out my Ebay link. My Ebay Store includes tons of categories from Gourmet Health, Music, Movies, Antiques, and more. Subscribe to my store there and receive updates on new items added every week. Make sure you subscribe to my blog here on Addoway as well for even more updates.

Couponing for Beginners

In today's economy everyone is looking for ways to save money. I have actually found that couponing is a very nice method of doing exactly that. I also found out that it does include many need to know tips to maximize your savings. The first method is called stacking and this can turn out to be very nice to your wallet on trips to the grocery store. If you have a Target Store nearby you can go online and clip their coupons. Once you have done this you look for the same products in your Sunday Paper Coupons. Target allows you to use both coupons at face value on those products. This means if Target and the paper both have a $1.50 coupon on Pedigree dog food, you just saved $3.00 on your bag. This is a sure fire way to save some big cash over the course of the new year. The second method is doubling your coupons effectively in cordination with your store loyalty card. I...  Read More

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The use for RFID protective wallets!

I often get the question of What is RFID? RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device and its a very dangerous technology. This technology was created by corporations to make everything "easier" for we the people. This actually makes nothing easier and puts your very identity at risk on a daily basis. They have however introduced new stainless steel lined wallets that protect your information against identity theft. This technology has also been introduced into state identification cards and drivers licenses which will soon allow law enforcement to begin profiling from databases. Don't be a victim of profiling or identity theft.

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A Must See for Ron Paul Supporters!

We have some awesome Handcrafted Ron Paul Beaded Hemp Bracelets over on our Ebay page... I will rarely use this blog to promote an item, but these are truly awesome! The bracelets are handcrafted by Alanna Monical and can be custom sized for anyone interested. The debate was pretty interesting tonight. Mitt Romney was the obvious target as every candidate challenged him on a variety of issues. Gingrich actually went over pretty well with the South Carolina crowd, and of course Dr. Paul was on point as always. Perry and Santorum also showed up and played their normal roles. I do believe both of these guys will be out after South Carolina. Romney better expect this onslaught in every debate from here on out. Oh yea Romney also said he supported The NDAA Bill... We need Ron Paul now more than ever!!!

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"We do business the right way!"
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