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We have been walking our spiritual path for more than 2 decades between the two of us. We work with many modalities of energy. Our booth offers wonderful jewelry and music geared towards the metaphysical practitioners, though they are awesome for everyone!
All jewelry that we sell we have chosen based on the energies of each stone.
We will be listing jewelry with some amazing energy combinations that I have found work wonderfully together, such as Chrome Diopside and Morganite, Dragon Vein Agate and Kyanite, Andesine Labradorite and Kunzite, Apatite and Iolite, Zircon (not cubic zirconia) and Prehnite, Ruby and sapphires. All of our jewelry will be set in Sterling Silver as gold is just way too expensive right now and we want to keep our items affordable.
I have communicated with each stone and learned from each how they are here and ready to work with us with their intention rather than just us...  Read More
"We sell beautiful Metaphysical Jewelry and Music that we create right here in our home. All jewelry is metaphysically cleaned & charged with energy from our crystals that we work with. We will be loading more inventory so check back frequently!"
Name:A Mystic's Journey
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