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Abra Blue - Artist

Abra Blue - Artist
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Hello and thank you for your interest in my Artwork.

Photographer--Artist--Book Artist--Designer

I have been taking photos as far back as I can remember, a great passion of mine.

Although I love taking photos of just about anything, the outdoors are my favorite.

I get out as much as I possibly can to feel and capture the beauty. I want nothing more than to bring to you what I see and feel.

Book Art-
I take gently books and fold them into, what I am told, are amazing pieces of art.

These Unique and interesting pieces of art are crafted by carefully folding each individual page of a gently used book to create a design.

Each book is Designed and Meticulously hand folded By Myself.

Custom Designs are available, and the possibilities are endless. I would love to work with you to create a unique, one of a kind book for yourself or that special someone.
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Name:Abra Blue Thebookmagician
Since:Jan 2011