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Bayco Authentic Turkish Delight



 Narnia puts consumer on a Delightful hunt.


18th Century sugar introduced
 Confectioners in Turkey began creating sweet possibilities
Turkish Delight created in Ottoman court.
Tales of a Sultan ordered a confectioner "create a sweet to please all my wifes"
Sultan delighted  with this new desert
Thus Turkish Delight was created

19th Century
In Turkish its named rahat lokoum
Unknown British traveler becomes fond of these Turkish delicacies
Delighted w/ lokoum he has it shipped to Britain under the name Turkish Delight
Napoleon,Picasso, & Winston Churchill  enjoyed Turkish Delight

20th Century
Turkish delight remains the sweet of choice in many Turkish homes.
 Enjoyed worldwide.
Turkish delight is known to compliment coffee/tea. 
Traditionally offered as a treat at Christmas homes and parties.
Turkish delight is a sweet to be enjoyed all year-round.

Narnia puts consumer on a Delightful hunt.
The White Witch of Narnia tempts young Edmund to bring his siblings to the ice castle with Turkish Delight.
Where is this Turkish Delight?(Turkish Market-USA)

Bayco's authentic turkish delight is in a beautiful package ready for gift giving.
Its beautiful bag is made special  and sealed to keep in its flavors
Bayco authentic Turkish Delight "No Preservatives"
Caution: You will be tempted to eat the whole bag.
Please put it out in a pretty candy dish to share among friends & famly.
You will not be disappointed.

DSC06981-1-1.jpg image by turkishdelight_photos

                            Many consumers have tried the wrong Delight.

If your a FIRST timer, you need to order BAYCO ASSORTED Authentic Turkish Delight
True Authentic recipe
After dinner you might serve coffee or tea
Serve 1 or 2 pieces with your warm drink
savor the fruit flavors

WARNING: These are really really good. Watch out or you will eat the whole bag.


Known Facts
During Seker Bayrami ("Candy Holiday"), which is a three day holiday following the month of Ramazan,
Lokum is always in high demand.

 Lokum is also served on the 40th and 52nd day after a person’s death
and on the anniversary of a funeral in a ceremony called mevlit. This religious gathering is either held at a home or a mosque.

Main Known Fact
Bayco is Turkish owned.
Bayco moves to North America from Turkey and is here to stay
Bayco Confectionery has been producing Turkish Delight since 1984,
 using a Turkish recipe which has been passed down through the generations
Bayco Authentic Turkish Delight is the ONLY TRUE manufacturer of authentic Turkish delight in North America.
They use only natural ingredients
No preservatives or gelatins are used to create any of their products.

DSC06981-1-1.jpg picture by turkishdelight_photos


       Available NOW
 Bayco Assorted and fruit Turkish Delights are subtly flavoured with natural fruit and herbal extracts of apricot, peach,
  blueberry, lemon, lime, maple, mint, orange, peach, pineapple, raspberry, rose, strawberry and vanilla.

 Bayco Rose & Lemon  Turkish Delight (Britains favorite) Great for the New Eves parties

 Bayco Pistachio Turkish Delight

There will be NO REFUNDS on Food Items.

*Warning:Machines used may contain traces of peanuts, almonds and/or milk products.

                            SPECIAL Offer for Buying BAYCO AUTHENTIC  ASSORTED TURKISH DELIGHT

                                Recieve a FREE COLLECTORS sheet of Narnia stickers with each order.


DSC06971-1.jpg image by turkishdelight_photosThese other Flavors available too. 
DSC07010-1.jpg image by turkishdelight_photos

         What are my customers saying about Bayco Authenic Turkish Delight?


Delicious+not stale like the last bag I bought from somewhere else! Yum! Thanks! Rita

I love this seller like a fat kid loves cake! Thx, will be back for more treats! Bettie

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