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Ling - RedCellarDoors
"I absolutely love this site and I will do what I can to help promote it. I love the feel of it, the ease of listing, and most especially, getting a reply from a human!"
Louie - Louie the Seller
"Addoway provides it's members with everything you want in a eCommerce site. It's built on honesty, transparency, integrity, with great customer support from ownership. Joining is the best business decision I've ever made."
Paula Mucha - Royal Presence
"It's a pleasure to be able to work on Addoway. Using a stress free environment for buying and selling is imperative to busy people everywhere, Your family and friends, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, grandparents and cousins can enjoy Addoway with its simple and easy to use interface. Check it out!"
Jackie Johnson - Enchanted Jewelry & Collectibles
"I recently imported over 200 items from Bonanza Marketplace with no problems at all...I mean it was absolutely flawless. Within one hour of registering on Addoway I had my profile and storefront set up and ready to go. Listing is a breeze and completing sales transactions is just as easy. With my Pro-Membership I get plenty of exposure and I really can't begin to say enough about how wonderful the support is. I am here on Addoway to stay!"
Debbie Shank - Indizona
"I am really glad that I came to Addoway. The site is simple, the storefronts are great, the support is top-notch, and the sellers are a friendly bunch! I especially enjoy creating custom listing templates for my fellow Addoway sellers that showcase their items beautifully. The listing pages suite a simple template well and all of the other information is organized in a very nice way and easy to navigate. "
Lori Folse - Wild Rags Place
"I have been on Addoway for over a year both buying and selling. We are sincerely impressed. The ease of the site, the variety of sellers/items, top notch customer service from a team that really cares. It is the best of the best and will only get better as it grows. I am honored to grow right along with it for they really care about Addoway and everyone that makes up it as a whole." "
Patty - Patty's Unique Gifts
"Addoway is very user friendly and exporting your listing from Bonanza and Ebay is a breeze. I been selling on Addoway since April 2011 and the first week I was already getting sales. I love the easy to use features, technical support and most of all I love the friendly and helpful sellers on Addoway. If your looking to sell or buy I give Addoway two thumbs up!"
Jared R Schneider
"One of the best online shopping ideas I've seen in years"
Roger - PCplanetplus
""What a wonderful place to be. Thank you for this great gift""
Bill - BWR3074
""Christmas came early when I found""
Susan - Oshunspirit
"WOW! I just imported a few ebay listings to set up and I must say I am impressed! I sell on several platforms and this is Simplicity Re-invented! Thank you!"
Martha - Ayuni Gifts of the World
"I just signed up and set up my profile... I imported my items from eBay and within less than 1/2 an hour... my first sale! Nice.....!"
Cathy - YogisGiftsandSuch
"I just opened my store and jumped right into a pro membership. I am really impressed with the ease of use and the extra exposure that you get with a pro membership"
Lyn - Turkishdelight
"Addoway is by far the most economical and versatile storefront I have. It has a strong support system with fun and helpful great top level executives. I have had international and bulk buyers as well as single transactions sales."
Dale - Jewelrywiz
"I am so thrilled with Addoway! I have been a member for a little less than a month - and I have already had 4 sales! Spread the word and get this site known - its so easy to use, I imported all of my eBay listings and had my items for sale on Addoway in less than 10 minutes. What a wonderful experience! I LOVE this site!"
Laura - Truetiques
"Addoway has been a great new source of exposure for our company. From the start we have had continuous traffic and sales from the site. The site is seamless in integrating your inventory, the support is superlative to any I have seen in all the years we have sold ecommerce. I recommend the “Addoway” experience to any dealer or buyer."
Wilma - AvocadoLane
"I just listed my first item and I am very impressed with the easy process. So far Addoway is very easy to use and has a clean look that is so refreshing."
Hall of Heroes
"Before Addoway I was giving my fees to companies that didn't look out for me. Addoway flipped the e-commerce switch in a good way for my business."
Tara - Tara's MJ Store
"Addoway is an exciting user-friendly site where great people can purchase great items!"
Dina - MizzBritches
"The Addoway importer is nearly flawless & works MUCH better than any other I've used. Its QUICK too :)"
Crystal - Rhianon896
"What I want to share about Addoway is my experience working with the team has been uniquely different from other selling sites. The team has a great enjoyable personality, they are hard working and there is so much dedication to making it work. Customer service is the best I have had yet, all my questions have been answered immediately, not in 24 or 48 hours, within hours."
Danna - PowerSellingMom
"Addoway compliments my business! This is the perfect site to enhance a marketing plan for my online presence as it helps me to carry on with my "branding" by being a member of Addoway which produces more traffic, exposure and eventually sales!"
Paula - Woodyswag Recycle 4 U
"My name is Paula Dean Wood, Addoway Storefront seller Woodyswag Recycle 4 U. I have been successfully selling online for more than 11 years. I am extremely happy to be a member of Addoway and to be a member of the Ambassador program. Since I have joined Addoway the site has grown and made numerous changes to better the community of all the Addoway Storefronts. Sellers listing your items for sale can be done rapidly, importing from eBay is stress free, navigation is extremely easy and there are excellent functions for managing your Addoway Storefront and processing your sales. Team Addoway is very eager to please, they practice integrity, honesty, and sincere concern for both the buyers and sellers. If you have any concerns or questions as a buyer or seller, I probably have had the same ones and can give you a honest answer. Did I mention Addoway is a free social commerce site? Now that is new and exciting."
Ilene - Catsmom
"I love Addoway because of it's simplicity, clean listing pages, speed in loading, and ease and speed of importing eBay listings. I sell on several venues, and Addoway people are the most helpful and friendliest. Addoway is a great alternative to eBay, or just use as an additional selling venue. Addoway is growing by leaps and bounds; give it a try and you'll be very pleased"
Sandra - SandrasAcre
"I joined Addoway in December 2009. My experience with Addoway has been with great satisfaction. The set up is easy. I had over 304 items on eBay and importing them to Addoway was simple and fast. I have promoted Addoway on Facebook, Twitter, Ning sites, Plum Drop, classifieds, and other social networks. The response to Addoway has been with a great big "Thank You" for making Addoway aware to us. There are lots of people making a transmigration to new venues. And, Addoway has filled a spot for these people. "
Laura - Zenbreeze
"It is so exciting being in at the start with Addoway. I appreciate the dynamic and accessible team leading it. I've been selling online since 2002 and I've never had quicker responses to questions and ideas. The concept of a social marketplace is especially important to me as a self-representing artist. It gives me more of a chance to connect with people and separate my art from the sweatshops and factories out there."