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Answering The Call

The journey always begins with the Fool, the zero card of the Tarot deck, which represents innocence, enthusiasm and inexperience. Like a fearless child filled with curiosity, the Fool is ready for most anything. The Fool is oblivious, naive, and clearly in dire need of Divine protection. Luckily, the Fool is blessed.

The Fool is the quality in each of us that stirs at the thought of adventure and responds eagerly to a new challenge. The Fool stumbles in where others fear to go! Yes, Mother/Father God has a special love for Fools.

So, in the midst of what can only be described as ordinary life, a call to adventure rings out to the Fool. And the Fool responds with reckless abandon! The Adventure itself may be any number of things. It can be about destiny, purpose, or one's life work. It may be a short term adventure or it can be THE adventure of a...  Read More

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