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How To Wire A Smoke Detector

We're actually in a wire smoke detector to the SE Control Panel I to this again request for as a couple different models available yeah this model here. We're gonna download it is 449 see which is best smoke detectors for homes nothing special about it. We yeah the house at these into our model which is a 429 seen same thing stands smoke but this one here. Today is gonna be awful wire connection so what we're gonna do is our wireless up to India she control panel and say how it works so. If this out by I might can prepare my phone wires so couple things here that you gonna need you need to resist share or whatever resistors required for you control panel which in this case we already have some time to the circuit board. So we're gonna go ahead borrow one of these particular resistors and we're actually it's gonna take off his own one resistor and use that for our spot-kick on the reason for this is this the best smoke detector has to have our resistance at the device itself in it monitors two reasons.

It's a normally open device so we need to keep it close on the control panel and it monitors his own circuit because it is a life safety device so good news on on this particular smoke detector. You have to positive and yet to natives but you're here negative and they have his own circuit know be four channels for his own circuit general. It is as if you only have one smoke detector you know the hook up two wires here. Multiple smokes the idea would be to run another four connect to wear from this one to the next one. So, we're going to go ahead and stop with just one detector family is this so again we have a before conducting wire here. So, we're gonna do read it's positive black native and then the white and green for his own circuit doesn't matter which positive or negative views on the smoke seeking to spank at as you pick the first prize in the first negative. So it's like the wire and then tighten it up native wire and third terminal or the first native app ok right there down the remaining two wires again occupiers own circuit .

So I'll have the white and green and other no polarity on this circuit so it doesn't matter which wire goes where so what we do is being is that we have four terminals left his own circuit or gonna go into the very first side of this which is the terminal where and this is where our position is gonna come into play so being is that this is a normally open device we need it Bridget with resistor in this case 5.6 K. So we'll put one-sided this into that 6 terminal all tied it up and there were to take the other side at this resistor and play in the very last turn on skype. So handy that and all good take that up now the last where we'll go in the seventh terminal which is in between the two so we have no outbound smoke detectors or short now that line what s more or what that resistor click tighten that up okay so there.

We go we have a positive a native then we have our zone circuit up and then we have a resistor jumping there's all circuit keeping this loop closed and letting the panel know that everything is OK. So, we know where this into the control panel now and a remove that over there for now on okay. So, we're going to take our positive and negative in with a smoke detector you need to find yourself a way to reset when it goes into a liar small techies will latch and keep his own open is lot until it's been reset. So, what we do is with the SEP and we have a programmable output grew and what the programmable output does is it allows us to give it a constant negative while exiting a title when it goes into an alarm. We can set this up so I own your keypad the negative will drop L losing power the smoke detector and then reapply power to resetting it so worry is what is programmable out today so posit why will come off a the I have replaced him on a main panel into law a bill as well go the red wire anti-radiation replace.

We're going to take our negative and we're gonna use pgm to you because pgm Hill provides up to 300 are had $350 million to power on Yelp and this will I did you more what's marks on that particular line now we years. You know the white new green for our zone circuit on its more tech here and being is that we used a resistor at a smoke detector already. We all need to have one at the control panel for this line cell we're gonna go ahead years old one and then we'll use to comment in again there's no player here so it doesn't matter if he criss-crossed the wires on his own circuit side so wat take the white wire animal and plant this in his own one-time-only help what a car green wire put that into the car right next to it okay shell all. We've done is we've ran a poor conductor wire between the smoke detector and the control panel. We get our power much in reply us put our negative in the P there are two wires from his own terminal and that's not exactly what we've done is we are positive are native enters own circuit but the resistor running across the two wires there.

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