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So what does "Sharing With A Purpose," really mean?

Sharing with a purpose means to share items with a valid reasoning and purpose that generates interest from those you share them with

The key word is not sharing. It is interest. Your shares generate interest among your audience. 

So if you share your items on Twitter, you need to think about your audience at hand and make sure you are making your tweets interesting to them. Your audience on Facebook is a little different for the most part, so your shares there will be different too, but it's all about ensuring that you are sharing your listings with purposeful messages behind them. Don't just have your share say, "I found  this or I am selling." These are the most common share messages and they will get lost in the other hundreds of thousands of posts going out every single...  Read More

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Addoway, Inc

And the Winners Are....

Hey Addowayers, 

Did you get a chance to enter the "Welcome to Winter" Contest in November? Well we received an incredible amount of entries and we are so excited to announce our 3 VERY LUCKY winners. So without further ado here we go:

The Grand Prize Winner of the $100 "AddoSpree" goes to EastKreek

The 2nd place winner of the $50 "AddoSpree" goes to Rosa Art

The 3rd Place winner of the $25 "AddoSpree" goes to Paparazzi

Congratulations to our Addowayers who won this year and thank you everyone for entering. Our team will be contacting the winners individually to go over what you would like to purchase on Addoway, so keep on the lookout for an email from us. 

Please stay tuned for the "Welcome to Spring" Contest. We hope you were excited about the prizes this year and we have every intention of continuing this theme with each contest. Let us know what you think in the comment sections below. 

Thank you,
The Addoway Team

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