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Why You Should Care about Social Media Marketing and How to Get Started

Today's featured blog post is from our brand new partners over at PageMage, who provide educational information and tools for ecommerce sellers. One of their really cool tools is Social Beacon and it's a social media marketing tool designed for eBay, Etsy, and Amazon sellers like you. Whether you sell on one marketplace or many, they promise that you'll grow your sales while saving time.

The numbers are staggering! According to Experian Marketing Services, Internet users spend 27% of their time on social networking. We all know over 1 billion people use Facebook. And Pinterest is skyrocketing. Importantly for online marketplace sellers, global social commerce revenues are forecast to go from $9 billion in 2012 to $39 billion in 2015.

To quote Seth Godin, “How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of one of the greatest shifts of our generation?”

Well, I don’t believe that you can say any one thing is right for everyone…except eating and drinking. But what can be said is that everyone should learn about it and determine if it’s right for your business and what you’re selling. There are plenty of challenges. It can be overwhelming and confusing. If you haven’t started yet, it’s tough to figure out where to begin. If you have started, you might not know what to do next or understand if it’s working.

There’s a new social media marketing tool called Social Beacon to help. It’s designed specifically for online marketplace sellers. Social Beacon lets you:

1) Easily promote your eBay, Amazon, or Etsy products across social networks like Facebook and Pinterest

2) Measure the results so you’ll know what works

3) Save time with simultaneous and scheduled posts…and more.

Plus we provide guidance to help you learn what you can do to create successful social marketing campaigns. You’ll be sharing your first item in 5 minutes.

And it’s completely FREE. Let's us know what you think by commenting below.


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Reader Comments  (18)

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LY | January 30th 2014 at 1391099995

I had PageMage, still do.....have not been checking their emails..lately. I'll check it for anything I might have missed. Boss. ;-)
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Simone Banks   | January 30th 2014 at 1391100031

Looks interesting! Always looking for ways to improve my business. Another great posts guys. Thank you. Will check them out after work.
Addoway, Inc
Addoway, Inc | January 30th 2014 at 1391100269

Excellent. Yes we did some research and we were impressed. Looking forward to our sellers having much success with their tools. Keep us posted.
Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | January 30th 2014 at 1391102911

I really like Social Beacon - I wish we had a button that linked our stores like eBay, Amazon & Etsy do! I know we can still use it by putting in the URL, but a button would be faster. ;)
Monty | January 30th 2014 at 1391108837

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Chris Taylor   | January 30th 2014 at 1391137373 - in reply to DonnasStuffMore

We are working at connecting more marketplaces (like Addoway) and more social networks in the future, absolutely.
3rd Rock Home
3rd Rock Home | January 31st 2014 at 1391156605

If they are a partner, do they link with our Addoway store? Or will they soon? It's nice that they work with so many venues, but for a Addoway seller I need to know if it will help me with my Addoway sales.
Royal Presence
Royal Presence | January 31st 2014 at 1391213940

Good to know, thanks for the information, will check it out.
Monty | February 2nd 2014 at 1391345467

The Sellers Choice Awards for Marketplaces Results are now in @>

Congratulations to all our ADDOWAY Merchants that do sell at all these different sites.

Addoway is still a "new site" and I'm just honored to have had the opportunity to
"Nominate & Vote for Addoway"
and look forward to watch it grow these next 3 years.

There are NO Losers. WE are all Winners!

+hanK yoU, Monty
Addoway, Inc
Addoway, Inc | February 3rd 2014 at 1391436333 - in reply to DonnasStuffMore

great ideas :)
Addoway, Inc
Addoway, Inc | February 3rd 2014 at 1391436402 - in reply to Paparazzi

No one lost, but we didn't finish where we hoped but again we are still young. Thank you again before your support. 2014 is the year we step ahead. Looking forward to much success this year and beyond.
 | February 3rd 2014 at 1391459469 - in reply to addoway

Congratulations Mr. Nijm and Addoway Support Team for making the Top 10 list during my second year here as your Addoway buyer.

At least your site is 100% honest and had no need to offer to "Pay or Buy member Votes with tokens" :)

I have some Addoway shopping to do this month and wanted to send you my best!

Thank ya'
dellnhpparts | March 3rd 2014 at 1393895029

Not to sound like Mr Negative, but we dont need social media tools, we need Google Shopping back, even if we have to pay for it! I have had products on here for months on end perhaps 6-10 months and only had 2 items sold recently the whole time. I gave up on addoway and went to another marketplace that listed to google, since then i've sold everything i've displayed at Addoway price product the same, i've sold everything 3 times over in the same time period. Its obvious, Google Shopping is a necessary. Its been proven that social media sites such as Facebook dont generate sales. And sellers should be focusing on their sales not being reporters or sales people trying to get people into their stores. Ecommerce stores are based on what people want , those people looking for items such as on Google Shopping and getting the best deal! I Love the way the site is layed out, but it doesnt do any seroius seller any good investing time into this place if there's nothing. Sorry to say that I've abondonded Addoway because 2 sales in 6 months isnt worth my time.
dellnhpparts | March 3rd 2014 at 1393895285

This is what we are talking about, taken directly from EcommerceBytes 2014

Many reports of low traffic and sales, resulting in it earning its lowest score for profitability at 3.47. "Lot of potential here, just not enough traffic to make it worthwhile," was one commenter.

"I've only had a couple of surprise sales on this site," said another. "They are super easy to use and responsive, but I wish they would help sellers get the word out about their site. They are a viable option to eBay and I think it's worth the time to list items on their site."

One seller pointed to the "Google effect": "They are great people, but sales have languished for us since Google changed its parameters and prefers paid marketing." Others said the site needed to advertise.
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Etsiannie | March 4th 2014 at 1393943352

Hi Dellnhpparts, I've never heard of your nor seen your shop here. Why is that?

You do not sound Negative and I am certain others share your impatience.
Your product must be "in demand" in order to gain sales; otherwise, you will become part of the Goo-jail clan where Google is concern.

Meanwhile Google tells us that it's OUR fault, that we need to do better photos, better search words, better SEO when all the while, GOOGLE refuses to fix the search engine due to constant modifications leaving the sites (and us) to blame.

It's a NEVER ENDING ordeal with Google and this is why both sites and merchants suffer the consequences allowing the BIG GUYS to rule within search mode.

Paying to Play works for those that have a product that is 100% in DEMAND.

I believe that Social Beacon offers you an opportunity to help consolidate your eCommerce social media needs in order to become productive so that you can possibly spend more time (and money if you wish) to make GOOGLE HAPPY and still SURVIVE the changes of modern technology.

I would suggest that you take the time to complete your Addoway profile pages so that buyers will know where to and what to BUY from.

One cannot just dump their stuff here and then expect for it to sell on its own. You have to SERVICE YOUR SHOP and perhaps you'll gain results in 2014.
dellnhpparts | March 4th 2014 at 1393956906

When you host a sellers store, the hosting / company is responsible for advertisement. Sellers cant spend time wearing a sign walking around the front of their store saying please come in and buy something. Google is the biggest marketplace that a company has to advertise. Youcant go around to Facebook and all those other social networks and try to get people co come in. In the in an online store people find you not the other way around. Every single online store that doesnt submit to google doesnt do any business. As we had stated our products have been submitted to google product per product and we've sold everything 3 times over since the same day our addoway store came online. And we did no advertisment whatsoever. Every single marketplace that doesnt do the business with Google weinds up dead in th water. MyAuctionPlanet all we get is emails saying sorry your product didnt sell.

There are other companies that do submit to google and there are individual sellers that have submit feeds on their own that have no problem. Organic searches dont work unless you have a product that only you have. All that work for the potential of a sale isnt worth anyones time. A seller should be adding products researching prices and forfilling orders. Ever other marketplace store that submits to Google has sales, anyone that doesnt has very little sales.

EcommerceBytes said the same exact thing, thats from a 3rd party company, thats from other sellers. The only reason why you decided to stop using google is because you had to pay for it. Kind of strange that you state you stopped submtiting to google the same exact time the paid model came into effect.

people go online search for product and go to the cheapest one around. you cannot just "socialize" like some sort of sales person and hope to make a sale. Doing $50 worth of work for $10 item??? is that what your proposing. Products that are in demand regardless of if they are 100% or 25% is not true. If that was the case people would be buying from everyone and every source and the prices on something would skyrocket.

Google is difficult but the only reason why it is big is because of people using their services. They decided to charge for cpc and they dont ask for much is because they knew people go to them. Compared to Bing and their RIP off CPC rates,im not complaining. You can do a compain for as little as $.01 a click and have your items posted.

If you submitted to Google and charged for it, we dont have a problem with that because everyone is doing it and you cant say anything about anything. The fact is we have an online store that submits to Google in the amount of products and we've sold over 1000 items since august 2013 and only 2 on addoway. The stats and the physical proof stands. Sorry but its not going to change our views because the cold hard data is hard for us to dispute.
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Etsiannie | March 4th 2014 at 1393963005 - in reply to Etsiannie


If I'm not mistaken, Addoway clearly defined themselves as being a "medium to eCommerce" and nothing more BUT offering a Pro Membership Upgrade of $75 per year in order to submit (X-Amt) of PRO ads to Google?

Are you a Addoway Pro member?
I see nothing but just 01 feedback. How can I rest assure that

"we've sold over 1000 items since august 2013 and only 2 on Addoway"

this holds any truth if you've nothing to prove as such please?

Searching Google, the only thing that shows your seller shop name redirects to Addoway only.

Have you tried a another site called boonanza for results? According to the folks there, that site allows up to 13% for Google with a DUE BILL on the 01st/15th for those FEES but no sales (for most part). What's your input concerning that please?

Help us learn from your input since we have nothing else to view within your Profile except this blog advice. We're willing to learn more!

I believe that the biggest misconception that some sellers have is that once they've been selling on eBay, they should expect all other online selling sites to perform the same. At least this is the impression I'm getting from this aside of the Play Per Play click complaint.

There are so MANY options these days but the best of the best will succeed at the end of the day with sales due to} DEMAND and anything else is pure luck!

PS: I almost NEVER go to Google to search for a product. I go to 4-5 selling sites and search direct to see which site has what I want and then decide. NOT everyone is going directly to Google to Search for their products.

Anyways, you hold a good conversation and blog viewers like myself wish to thank you for it!
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Wanda Ronstein | May 3rd 2014 at 1399153298 - in reply to RoyalPresence

Do you sell seeds? I'm looking to buy seeds with Free Shipping.