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Happy New Year from Team Addoway

As 2013 was coming to a close, I started re-reading Seth Godin’s ''Tribes'' weeks ago and I immediately remembered back years ago to when we launched Addoway and began building our ''Addoway tribe.'' Oh what a feeling it was starting something from nothing. The rush was incredible and every day there was something new challenging us that always kept things interesting. As those years have come and gone we have gained and lost members of the tribe. This blog post is dedicated to everyone who came and stayed all these years and you know what, it is even for those who decided to leave. 

Thank you. Thank you for giving Addoway a chance and still giving it a shot today. Many of you are so successful selling on here we are surprised you are not millionaires when you combine all of the marketplaces you sell on. How do you do it each and every year? Seriously give yourself a round of applause! 

We created Addoway because we wanted to challenge the status quo – full of fees and lack of communication, so you didn’t really know who you were buying from or selling to. All these years later nothing has changed. It's still about lower fees and a safer experience for buyers. 

Why do we instead choose to follow the status quo and not embrace change because it is fun? Well you have chosen to not follow the status quo. You have chosen to open your horizons not just on Addoway, but on sites like Bonanza and Etsy and even Yardsellr (until they closed). You realized that it was fun and this is why we do it. This is why we continue to grow amid all of the negativity and struggling economy. Amid the ever growing competitive landscape. We do it because of you. 

Successful marketplaces take years my friends. They take more years than any of us would like to admit to. How many years? Well so many and so unknown I can't even guesstimate. We know you want to see us grow, so we can all reap the rewards. It will happen, but you need to want it to happen. You need to help it happen, because you yearn for change - we all do. You have helped and are still helping. 

As Seth Godin noted in his book: “An organization, any organization, needs people who aren’t just willing to follow, but are eager to follow.” We know we haven't come out with all of the great additions you have requested this cart, more user friendly dashboard, AddoMall, forum, etc, but we will. This is as much our dream as it is all of yours. 

At Addoway – we have users that are eager to follow and they want to tell others, because they believe in what we have and will create, because they are helping create it for themselves. Together we are creating a movement, interacting with each and every user that joins asking them to share with us what they have been missing and what they NEED to have. This movement still exists as we get new sellers everyday so surprised they never heard of us and are so happy they are here. 

Addoway is about the future and about change – change we have all desired for, but couldn’t find. You just have to hold on and believe. We know you want to see some numbers, so how about we share some? 

We have hit 3,000,000 listings for sale. Wow!!!
We have over 45,000 ACTIVE members. 
Total value of sales since inception have exceeded $1,000,000.

Can you believe those numbers? Typing this just gives me goosebumps. We did this as a bootstrapped startup with everything going against us. 

Happy New Year Addowayers and thank you for being patient. 2014 will surprise you. It will surprise us. We promise you that. 

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Reader Comments  (13)

Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | December 31st 2013 at 1388494664

Happy New Year! I'm still here and loving addoway!
Monty | December 31st 2013 at 1388506654

+hanK you for another year as we head into 2014.

 | December 31st 2013 at 1388529714

Hello Mr. Nijm, I just now logged in to place my weekly order from the coffee lady and make comment in my own blog. I see that you have made a cameo appearance before next year? (hehehe)

It appears your 2 merchants (above) have been your #1 Support from the get go. I am certain you are as Proud of them as they have been to you.

As a buyer, I can only express what I see when I come here to shop. I see good things coming your way.

Thank ya for the New Year wishes. I wish you and your Admin. Team a bigger outcome in 2014.

Thank ya' Moon
Elsie's Crafts & Collectibles
Elsie's Crafts & Collectibles | December 31st 2013 at 1388533839

Thank you for the New Year Wishes and I wish good fortune in 2014 to everyone on Addoway - the Administration, the Sellers & the Buyers.

Happy New Year!

3rd Rock Home
3rd Rock Home | January 1st 2014 at 1388565738

Hoping 2014 is awesome for us all! I BELIEVE in Addoway!

Thank you Fred & Anthony for all your hard work!
mrsdinkerson | January 2nd 2014 at 1388697704

Looking forward to a fantastic 2014 full of happy surprises! Thanks, Addoway!
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Curious George | January 3rd 2014 at 1388768272

Sometime next month, the 4th annual Sellers Choice Awards 2014 will be out.

Online sellers will be able to rate each of the marketplaces in which they have experience selling at. Addoway will be on that list of choices.

Will you be creating awareness (in advance) for your members?
Royal Presence
Royal Presence | January 4th 2014 at 1388851138

Happy New Year to addoway team and members!
 | January 10th 2014 at 1389404043

To CEO (Fredrick):

Your audience is looking forward to read and learn more from you, our site and specific Plans for 2014 please? Here are some helpful suggestions from buyers (like me) hoping you'll accept these at face value in order to help create awareness and revenue this year.

Are these tabs current or do they need to be revised?

1. The HELP tab under: General, Selling, Buying, My Addoway, Make A Deal, PAYMENT Gateways, Membership Ratings/Reputation, Pro Membership, AddoBucks and Importer sites.

2. The BLOG tab: Perhaps this needs attention? Four months ago a reader asked, and you said

"Blogs chosen are chosen randomly and based on relevance"

* Why are outdated homepage blogs still appearing when you have many current blogs helping to promote Addoway?
* What happened to the weekly Wednesday blog day?
* Are Addoway blogs (from upper tab) now done once per month?

3. The Homepage tab: Why not have a BBB Better Business Bureau button for Addoway shown instead of kabbage?

4. The ABOUT tab with sections on left side of that tab page:
* Selling On Addoway ...(cost or fees still free?)
* Selling And Save: The Prize & Rewards link has not worked in a year.
* Addoway In The News: ...The last input was April 2013
* Meet The Team: Did Ingrid Vanderveldt leave recently? Who is the "SUPPORT Team on Addoway" these days?

* What Members Are Saying tab: Out of 26 of those testimonials, only 12 are active members and the remaining 14 are either gone, on long term vacation or last seen 9-18 months ago.

As a buyer (like myself)... I think the Merchants that have commented on " this blog " deserve to be replaced with those now gone. Afterall, they seem to be your ongoing SUPPORT for years. Don't you agree?

Thank ya', Moon (your buyer)
Monty | January 19th 2014 at 1390147002

Hey FreddO: Congratulations @>

PS: You still reading that book dude?
ciaO, Monty
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Willy | January 21st 2014 at 1390368559

Is Addoway VeriSign Trusted?
Monty | February 2nd 2014 at 1391345411

The Sellers Choice Awards for Marketplaces Results are now in @>

Congratulations to all our ADDOWAY Merchants that do sell at all these different sites.

Addoway is still a "new site" and I'm just honored to have had the opportunity to
"Nominate & Vote for Addoway"
and look forward to watch it grow these next 3 years.

There are NO Losers. We are all Winners!

+hanK yoU, Monty
no photo
boonie planet   | August 5th 2017 at 1501995745

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