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8 Tips to Being A Better Blogger Today

We talk about blogging quite often on Addoway (AddoBlogging) and we already know you spend a lot of time putting those posts together, so we wanted to put some tips together some tips on how you can get the most out of your blog - increasing the chances of that visitor finding you. And when we say "visitor" we are definitely talking about those shoppers. 

Here are 8 useful tips to be a better blogger:

Make sure your title matches: People click on links to blogs and decide to read them on title alone. You can have the greatest content in the world, but without a great title no one will find it. There is no denying it. We are not drawn to the first page or the first paragraph. It is the title of the story that grabs our attention. Now this doesn’t meant that you have to just have a great title, because you also need to back it up, but the important step here is that you have a title that matches your post. You get them with the title and keep them with the story.

Know your Target Customer: We talked about the importance of knowing your Target Customer in our previous blog post and we are going to talk about it here. I know it is difficult to come up with new content to write about each week, but when you are thinking about that content try to write content that is relative to the products you are selling and the business you are running. No sense in talking about gardening when you sell jewelry. I know you might have a passion for gardening and it's okay to write about it once in awhile, but the majority of your posts should be related to jewelry. 

Shorten those blog posts: There is this notion that more is better, but in blogging, it is actually the opposite. You need to say more with fewer words, so pick and choose them carefully. Readers love stories that are straight to the point, so they can make a decision fast, leave a comment next and share your story with others. Try to write a post between 250 and 500 words. It takes a lot of practice, but you will get it. 

Create addicting reading content: What does this mean? It means create content that others enjoy reading and want to share it with their friends and others they know. You have to put out original content that is useful for others. People like to learn and want to share information with others they think will benefit, so think about that the next time you are writing. 

Don't just blog to blog: This goes back to the previous tip about writing addicting content. Don't just write about something or post something just so you posted something that week. You need to make everything count. Once you start posting blog posts that are just things you copied and pasted from someone where or you just write 2 sentences and post, people are going to stop reading your blog posts. It happens quickly and then your audience moves on. Its okay to talk about Pinterest, but don't talk about the same tips everyone else has talked about already. 

It needs to be nice to the eyes: Keep the font and color normal (Tahoma Black Font 11 for example). No reason to write a blog post in all CAPS or in all PINK and think it’s going to do something for you. I will be honest, people are not going to read it and if they do they are going to skim through it just to be nice and that doesn’t do any good for you. It has to be pleasant and enjoyable to read and that is much on the font as it is on the storyline.

Add an Image and Align it: Pictures say a thousand words, so add them every chance you get. And one is all you need, but please make sure it is aligned with your blog post. You don’t want to confuse your reader by just posting some picture anywhere in your blog post. Make it count. 

Please share: Every blog on Addoway comes with social share buttons, but it’s a nice touch to add a quick sentence at the end of your blog that says something like, “Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and sharing your comments with me. If you also liked what you read, please share it with a friend. Thank you.

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Reader Comments  (6)

Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | June 2nd 2013 at 1370219660

Thanks for these great tips, Frederick. Some of us do tend to ramble, and I agree that it loses the reader!
Shars Gift Mart
Shars Gift Mart | June 3rd 2013 at 1370306328

The hardest thing for me in writing a blog is what to say! Thank you Frederick for all these great tips.
no photo
Holly | June 13th 2013 at 1371183504

Are your blogs always current or outdated repeats that resurface?
I just read a few and enjoyed the information provided by real members
(not a paste copy type of blog). Thanks!
Some of My Favorite Things
Some of My Favorite Things | June 14th 2013 at 1371229767

I am not a blogger. I had hoped that there were other ways to get my store seen?
no photo
Curious George | June 24th 2013 at 1372085343

Smoking blog?

Is this site still active for shopping?

I see this blog about blog tips but your "smoker blog" has been sitting on homepage since Saturday for 3 days now.

are there no blogs to read here?
no photo
Poetry Girl | August 15th 2013 at 1376603708 - in reply to cshort0319

"I am not a blogger. I had hoped that there were other ways to get my store seen?"

I've never seen your shop nor items anywhere on here. What exactly are you or have you been doing (on your end) to get yourself seen? Where else might you sell at?