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7 Top Trends in eCommerce in 2014

Over 80% of sellers online predict their business will grow in 2014. We are almost to the halfway mark this year, so how do you predict your business will fair this year? We are not just referencing how you are doing on Addoway, because the majority of our sellers don’t just sell on Addoway alone - How are you doing as a whole?
We have been doing some studying (pretty sure you have been doing your research too) and we have accumulated quite a bit of information on what the experts believe are going to be the top trends for sellers to consider in 2014-2015 in eCommerce and as always we wanted to make sure we shared them with you. It’s been a few months since our last blog, so we are promising to get back to making more consistent postings for you.

1.     Free & Fast Shipping

It’s not just faster, it’s free too? Gone are the days where shoppers would be okay with just picking 3-5 days or simple ground shipping. We want it now! If there is an option to upgrade shipping, shoppers are picking it. Beginning in 2014, we will see more and more sellers offering free shipping across the board as well. They are working with their warehouses and/or their resale partners to work on stocking and delivery to ensure they can deliver quick and easy like their competition on eBay & Amazon. Ladies and gentlemen, you just need to be really fast now. If one of our partners can’t deliver like you want – it’s time to consider your options.

2.     Content Creation

It’s all about engaging your target customer base everywhere you are online. This is not about spending time on social networks messaging people, but more importantly creating content that is timely, relevant and factual. You need to blog when you have the time. This is something we need to do more of ourselves too. Content online travels far and wide and a blog you wrote years ago might now drive a buyer to your store today.

Also when it comes to listing your items, you might find that there are other sellers online selling the same product (this is easily discovered by checking Google shopping or just plain search). Look around and see how they are marketing their product. They are looking at your store. Do your titles and descriptions looks exact or pretty close to the same? Well if so, you need to go in there and change it. Be original wherever possible.

3.     Advertising

When you are looking to create Google or Facebook ads make an ad that is specific and relevant to the target market your products meets. Don’t spend time just making an ad to say you are purchasing ads. This is a monetary investment just as much as an investment of your time – make it count and don’t give up. You are probably going to have to try it a few times to find out what works for

4.     Social Channel Activity & Relevance

What do I mean by this? Figure out what social is best for you. Some sellers don’t need to be on Instagram while others can’t be without Pinterest. Don’t just spend time for the sake of spending time. Twitter might not work for your business anymore when in the beginning it might have gotten you a few buyers. Go where your market spends their time. For example, if your business is all about visual appeal, then you NEED to be on Instagram and Pinterest. Have a page for your business that pins other items from other sellers too. Don’t make it just about you! They will share the love and pin right back.

5.     Responsiveness & Personalization

In 2014, shoppers don’t have time to waste anymore. They review a product and make a quick decision before moving on to the next. You need to make sure you are checking your inbox regularly and this goes for those marketplace inbox’s as well. If you decide you want to sell on 10 different marketplaces you need to be able to multi-task, because those shoppers will remember your store as they shop elsewhere. Sometimes it is better to keep things simple and manageable as you try to build your business, so don’t be everywhere when you know it’s challenging for you. Be personable in your communication after an order is placed too. A few of our favorite sellers on Addoway send Thank you cards with their packages with a personal message every time they get an order.

6.     Hassle Free Returns

This is pretty straightforward here. I am not talking about just taking anything back no questions asked, but try to work with shoppers to a point where you make it so easy for them to contact you and ask questions before and during the buying cycle. Most of the time the hassle free returns begin before the order ever happens. Communication is key!

7.     Don’t Pay for someone to Tweet your listings

The traffic you get from it is usually not real unique traffic. It does nothing for your business except make your links spam. Just don’t do it! You should be in control of the content that gets posted online about your store.
This is not the end all be all of trends, but what we believe are the most commonly agreed on for 2014. Let us know what you are discovering as well. And as always, thank you for your time. 

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Reader Comments  (14)

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Curious George | May 3rd 2014 at 1399164200

Who wrote this blog please? How can anyone believe what is expressed here if its been nearly 5 months since your last official site blog?

Two years ago, it was suggested that using Social Media was the trendy way to go but last year those that were for it now have been told that its not so great and to use Pinterest.

I think everyone has their own version or translation of what does and does not work within their own business.
Addoway, Inc
Addoway, Inc | May 3rd 2014 at 1399184439

Hi there,
Thank you for stopping by. Addoway wrote this blog. We know it has been since January since we posted something relevant, but we are going to be working on adding more and making it more consistent. I absolutely agree everyone has their own feelings on what works for them in their business and that is absolutely fine. We just wanted to share the top trends we see and have heard.
Monty | May 4th 2014 at 1399222452 - in reply to addoway

Hi FreddO,
+hanK yoU for sharing!
 | May 4th 2014 at 1399224309 - in reply to Paparazzi

Thank ya'
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Contessa | May 28th 2014 at 1401311384

With most sellers on etsy complaining nonstop within the forums about their site TESTS on issues from:
"where's my banner"
"where's CHAD"
"no shipping"
"how can I get pregnant" (that was an odd topic thou
"SEARCH Bug > Defaulting to Categories eliminating many, many listings from results"
"Shipping prices not shown?!"
"Problem with Search not Showing All Relevant Items"

...the list of ridiculous open to read forum topics (by way of Google search) just go on and on and on.

Wouldn't this be a great way to Tweet an announcement of them to join Addoway?

Tweeting notices does travel by "Word of tweet-bird mouth" these days
Just an idea.
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sherry | May 30th 2014 at 1401435764

with etsy giving a very bad impression, who wouldn't want to leave?
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Curious George | June 4th 2014 at 1401922447

Well Addoway, its now been exactly one month + one day since your "promises" from this last 5/3/14 blog saying that

" It’s been a few months since our last blog, so we are promising to get back to making more consistent postings for you. "

And so, does this mean that there's still no "weekly or a new monthly" blog from you (again) please?

( Just being "curious" again)
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wilson supplies   | July 5th 2014 at 1404613303

i keep trying to add free shipping but having no luck
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Venatrix1 | July 5th 2014 at 1404621197 - in reply to Verbena

I think they might be doing a test?

I'm more likely not to even bother putting something in my cart if I don't know the cost of the shipping. I think it's a risky strategy, but you and I may well be in the minority.
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Verbena | August 16th 2014 at 1408254585

Is your next blog due in December? Thank you
shannonsplace | September 23rd 2014 at 1411512984

Ebay and Etsy buyers are looking for alternatives. Most especially eBay. Everyone wants to leave but don't now where to go. Addoway is a nice site if you can get the sellers and buyers here. They need a boost. I hate to use the bad word of Yardsellr, but when they were posting ads on facebook all the time it really made the site grow. Ofcourse they were really unprofessional and their CEO was living too high on the hog which ultimately brought them down.
LauriMac1 | October 20th 2014 at 1413864919


I just found this website and like it! I used to sell on ebay years ago. It got to the point where every time you turned around, they were raising the fees. I finally had enough of it and asked them why they felt they had to keep raising the fees. Guess what... they suspended my account! I couldn't believe it! No explanation, they just shut me out.

I gave it some time and did some searching and wound up at Listia. They have a fairly good selection of items ,BUT, when you sell something there, you don't get cash. You get credits to spend on their website only and they restrict you on how much you can charge for postage! I sold an item to a lady that cost ME $12 to mail but they limited my posted shipping to $6! They need to be informed of the reality that not every package ships for what they believe it should.

I am so glad I found Addoway! The site is nice, easy to use, offers many different products and Given a little time will grow nicely.

Happy buying and selling everyone!

Your new Addoway neighbor.
yankeebeautyny | December 29th 2014 at 1419880361

Thanks for the referral Laurimac1 and looks like a good site will be learning my way around this weekend :) have a happy new year
Ravoris | April 12th 2017 at 1491983658

These trends are still up-to-date. And nothing changes in this matter. This is even interesting