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What do women want? Part I

How many times do you hear a man say "I just don't understand women". 
Or "What do women want?"  Well, there are times when we simply do not
know how to navigate that simple question.  It can be said, that women also
wonder what men want?  To be sure, human nature is amazing and complex. 

Keep Calm and Addoway

For those interested in starting up an online business, it can be the most
daunting task to define “What do I want?”, be it man or woman. 

A stumbling block in being successful in such a venture, can be as simple as not knowing what you want.  You have a fuzzy and vague idea of what you want, and to top it off, do not know how to get there.  To the destination, one must have a goal. 

Hopefully you came here because you are ready to take the next step into
making your online business a reality.  

Creating, Building and Marketing with Academic Disciplines
means first deciding what it is you want. 

Creating and building relationships
I can’t define your goal for you, but can help in building a solid structure with which to create, nurture and build

Just as a tree would not thrive planted in a pile of sand or without water, nor should your store or online presence have a less substantial foundation.  Yet, in order to build the foundation, we need to know what it is we want. 
We all know what happens to wise and foolish builders.

Matthew 7:24-27

New International Version (NIV)
First things first.  Build a strong foundation, build brick by brick until you understand the construction, the materials, and the function. 

Just as you would create and nurture a family, building your essence of being in ecommerce should be taken with the same enthusiasm and love. 

In the course of dealing with your new customers, you will need some academic disciplines like:

      Literature, linguistics, humanities, philosophy, visual arts, communications, economics, psychology, business, education, religion, sociology, healthcare, time management , sports and so much more.

You already know so much more than you think, so just tap into prior education and life experiences and you will see you have some solid blocks upon which to build, i.e., your strengths, personality, talents, gifts and the inner being that makes you unique. 

 Some of us can get over eager at the start.  It is tempting to think Rome was built in a day, so will you start marketing immediately and aggressively?  You want to help your family build your income and at the same time you want to nurture a passion.  You have the desire and the motivation.  You are ready to break out of the gate, as a

For the rest of the story, and to get to part two. 

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Reader Comments  (2)

Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | May 15th 2013 at 1368655322

Love the Biblical reference - it was the basis of my valedictory speech from High School! But it is so true in every endeavor!
Royal Presence
Royal Presence | May 16th 2013 at 1368747700

Thanks, Donna ~ I knew you were smart!

It is so very true in everything.
Speaking of graduation, I was attending a graduation many years ago in which the Superintendent orated a speech with the same theme. I forget the story, but remember the gist.

The interesting perspective the speaker brought to the story that day was that the one who was less wise in choices of building, felt the repercussions in his own life.

It wasn't his customers who suffered as much as he did personally, for at the end of the story, he was ultimately building the house allegorically for himself and was pretty much in ruins.

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