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Cooking for Two, slow food ?

From Spring Fever
Cooking for Two – Simple Chicken Recipe – Slow Food?
Well, almost slow food.  Let’s call it medium food.  Cooking for two slow cooking
does not need to be challenging and you can have flavorful tasting dinners, without resorting to fast
food, take-out or prepared foods.
A simple recipe for pan seared chicken, if you don’t want to do the fried method.  Just use
a pan searing flour (not so slow cooking) or other fine flour with spices to your liking. 

For most meals,  I cook in a cast iron frying pan.  I like the authenticity and have been doing this for
many, many years.

1.  Coat the chicken with the flour mixture.  Let sit a bit.  Add olive oil to your pan and a smidge of butter. 
Let the oils get hot.  On an electric stove, I set at about 6/7 on the dial which would be about medium.  I used frozen Trader Joe’s organic chicken straight from the freezer with the exception of the coating. Trader Joe's chicken has the best flavor, unlike most of the supermarket chickens. 

Toss in a few slices of raw onion, it gives a nice flavor.  Then, place the chicken in the pan when the oil is hot.  Toss some salt and pepper on the top of the chicken pieces.  Sear on one side (depending on your stove) about 12 minutes, then turn.  You can add more salt/pepper or add garlic also.  I turn the heat down and almost let simmer/sauté.  Use a meat thermometer to know when done or your own instinct.  I usually end up cutting a piece to see if there is any pink.  One does not want pink!  Also, one can tell if done by gently tapping with a fork on the top.  The chicken will feel firm and not languid.  The great thing about slow cooking is it’s always adjustable with the heat.  If your fresh vegetables are not done, you can turn down the heat and not overcook.  Plus it gives time to have a glass of wine and relax.

Remove the chicken from pan. 

 2.  Making the gravy.   Here’s where the not so slow food comes into play again.  I used Tone’s Poulty gravy mix and added one cup water, give or take and less than a ¼ cup of the gravy mix to the pan, scraped up the bits asI stirred with the heat still set as at the beginning.  Of course, you can make your own gravy from total scratch.

  3.   When the gravy is done, you are good to go.  Serve the gravy on the side or add right on top of the chicken.  I cut up a small piece to put in this old-fashioned Grecian Ivory bowl just for the image with a little of the gravy unstrained, there are still bits of onion and it tastes really good.  You can strain the gravy if you want or serve through a gravy strainer as there will be a bit of fat from the leftover olive oil and a little butter. 
Hopefully, there is nothing leftover.  When cooking for two it is a challenge to not eat a lot of leftovers. I like to keep it fresh as possible.

Serve with green beans, your vegetable of choice and potatoes or rice geared toward small servings.

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